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The Bloody Knight by Vicbowin

Vicbowin has been working on this one particular story for a while now and finally, last week, read to me what she currently has.

When she was done... I was speechless.

Absolutely speechless. My mind reeled with thoughts like 'that was incredible,' and 'holy cow my daughter is dark,' and 'where on earth did she pick up on that?'

As you read, remember that my daughter is 9 and the darkest (oldest) books she's read are the Harry Potter series and the Percy Jackson series and as of yet I have not allowed her to read about vampires.

I've transcribed it with very little editing. Hope you enjoy. :)

Book 1. Chapter 1.

A Knight named Night went riding through the night on a horse named "Vampire." On a tree there, scratched into the tree, it said

"Beware Danger awaits you beyond the time of 12:00 midnight."

Night knew at the end of that hour he would be safe. So Night set up camped, built a fire (because dark creatures were afraid of light), put up his tent and blanket and went to sleep. At midnight something happened (brace yourselves), Vampire snuck into the tent and showed glimmering white fangs and bit. The red juice tasted wonderful! Like hot cocoa on a chilly night. The horse left his grasp, spun and became taller and taller. When he stopped spinning he was wearing a black as night cloak with read on the inside and he had sleek black hair and very pale skin. He spun again, turned into a bat, and flew away.

When  Night woke up blood covered his shirt.

 "Half of my blood is gone. No wonder I feel weird. Wait... WHAT?!" He screamed and screamed.

 He grabbed a knife, plunged it where the punch holes were, fainted for 2 minutes and woke up with glimmering white fangs.

"I'm so-o-o-o thirsty." He thought.

Later that night a pretty lady with a red dress rode along with a horse named 'Fangs.' Unlike Vampire (AKA Dracula) Fangs was very loyal to her rider. This pretty lady was a vampire as well. While she rode on Fangs, Fangs giggled "I'm hungry! hehe."

"Food will come soon." The lady said in a stiff voice.

"But Diana you promised we would have food!!!" said Fangs.

"I know I..."


"Fangs come now food is here!"

Night, with bloodthirsty eyes heard the scream. "Food!" he thought. "FOOD!"

He ran and ran. Then came to a d green bonfire which had a fairly pretty lady with pitch black hair, bloodshot eyes and deep red lips and a black coat with red on the inside.

Diana felt him looking at her. She looked at him, "half human" she thought. "Still drinkable blood. In fact, fresh blood! Impossible! I will be famous!!!!"

She had a plan...

Chapter 2.

"Hey QT."

Night turned... there was the lady looking straight at him, but this time her eyes were not bloodshot, instead they were cute and pretty.


"No need to be shy, Handsome."

"Hehe. Oh, beautiful... sorry."

"That's okay. Let's do this thing."

"EVERYBODY FIND YOUR GIRL/BOY FRIENDS."  shouted Dracula over the loud speaker. 

Night went straight to the Lady and kissed her red lips. "Aah." He said. "She must've coated her lips in red, red blood." He thought.

The two danced and danced. They couldn't resist hugging. After the dance the hunting had begun. The boys left the ladies to go hunting. Night promised to be back with something bloody.

Then Night asked, "What's your name?"

"Diana," she replied, "Dracula's daughter."

"Fanks." Night said and went off hunting.

Chapter 3. 

The hunt started. To let them know, there was a blood curdling scream. Vampiressess said many vicious swear words. Night ran off into the woods. Diana went to her father, Dracula and said her plan.

Night zoomed out of the woods into a town called Zona and caught an adult, but he got caught by his own child!!!

"Daddy!" he called.

Night was completely confused, he had started a new life. He could marry a new woman, have a new child. He could make new rules.

The child ran into the house calling, "Mommy! Daddy's home! Dad's home."

"No he isn't." called the mom.

Night, very confused, ran off.

Diana sat down on the ledge of the balcony in her father's mansion, waiting for Night to fulfill his promise. She doubted he would. Night came back at 1:00 AM with an adult (his wife!). Diana looked shocked.

"Diana dear, why so shocked?" Said Night.

"A woman! Oh  my gosh! women are my favorite. I'm very impressed." she said.

They took it to Dracula's mansion. Night sat at the dinner table. it was made of marble with glass goblets filled with pure blood. For food was (his wife) cooked but dipped in blood.

Diana stood up, "I'm done."

"Me also." said Night.

Diana asked Nigh if he would go to her room.

"Sure." replied Night.

On their way down the hall Diana pointed and said, "That's your room."


More to come.


Amy said…
LOL! I love the parentheticals. I think we should have our daughters pen pal. Every time you post about her I think, "Wow, that's just like Emma". LOL
Cannwin said…
How old is your girl? Mine might absolutely love that. :)
Amy said…
Emma is turning 8 this month, so she's a little bit younger but I think they're minds work the same way. :-) You know what's funny? My husband just got a job in Salt Lake so we'll be moving soon. And you know what I thought? Oh, we'll be driving through St George, we should stop and see Cannwin! and then I remembered that we don't really know each other. LOL Isn't it funny how blogging lets us get to know people?
Cannwin said…

lol! If you need a place to stop off at, since that's such a horrid drive, we could for sure do lunch!

Although if you're husband is anything like my husband stopping off is like asking him to chop off one of his fingers.

When is the move date?

It'll be cooler up in SLC you know. :)

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