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Embarrassing Moments: A Vlog

Today I'm going to do another Vlog for Dandelion Wishes. I have to tell you though, that I edited this one. It's my first ever video editing experience, but I just had to get the umms and hmms out of the thing.

I have to link this to Mamarazzi and Shawn but that's all in the way of rules (I think) so now I  can show you the video.

PS. This is my most embarrassing moment.


mandi said…
Ha ha! I love it! How do you get your kids to keep their area clean? And for that matter - do they keep their things out of your area? I'm intrigued. Right now, in the middle of a project, my entire house looks like your bedroom.
Cannwin said…
Hmm, maybe I should do a little tutorial on how i do it. :) I have these sticks... one side says the chore and the other side says 'done' then I have some cups with their names on them and each child has their own set of sticks. they have to flip the sticks over to be done with the chore... instant gratification solved and they don't fuss too much over it. :)

I also have an extra chores cup with chores that have an allotted price on them, they are supposed to pick these themselves during the week or I will pick them for them on saturday.... that usually doesn't happen.
Connie Weiss said…
I was going to ask....if you bought the skirt that you were holding!

I would have bolted too.
Cannwin said…
@Connie Weiss

I don't think the skirt I was holding was even in my size... it just happened to be the hanger I grabbed onto when I tried to save myself.
Mamarazzi said…
thanks for linking up, it was such a fun surprise to see you on the link list!

you poor thing with the embarrassing funny though. i love that you opened your vlog with you laughing, CUTE!!

i don't think those 2 rooms are embarrassing..the carpet in your room is awesome. i can totally dig a 70's print carpet.

thanks so much for linking up!!!
Megan Harmeyer said…
Ugh! Yeah, that would be pretty embarrassing. Darn you didn't get your skirt.

Oh, girl! Is that the *carpet*? That would be pretty embarrassing. LOL And the kids' room is so NOT a mess...jealous!

I saw in your bio that you know how to spell's funny cuz it's true. Are you from The Q?
Shawn said…
OH that's not as bad as I thought it was going to be. I was thinking the skirt was attached to a fellow pregnant shopper!

I think they were just thrilled your water hadn't broke!

You have four people living in two rooms, I think it looks pretty darn good!

Thanks for linking up, you're a doll!

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