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iPod Touch

One of the first things that caught my eye when I moved here was that my brother in law had this nifty little device full of fun games that his babies would play on when he was trying to distract their attention. It had touch screen technology and I immediately wanted one.

I could imagine long distance driving in an entirely different light. Audio books, games, stories, movies. Our little lives could change so much! So my brother in law found me an iPod Touch for $90 on craigslist and I was up and running.

Except for this one small little hiccup. -- I don't get it. The stupid little machine is practically it's own Artificial Intelligence and sometimes I don't get it.

Take for example the process by which you convert a DVD over to a iPod readable file. I have to pass through so many different languages to get the iPod to understand me that I honestly am not sure what I'm doing.

My poor brother in law had no idea what he was getting himself into when he handed over that sleek silver device. Now whenever he comes over (and sometimes when he's not here) I pepper him with questions.

"If the file is 4G big then I don't want it on my iPod." I say.

"It shouldn't be that big, what program are you using?"


I feel 80. I feel like Vicbowin was right when she asked me if I was born before the wheel was invented.

Technology is going so fast that I can barely keep up. I bet I only scratch the surface of things that are possible. I bet I'm only licking the frosting and missing the cake underneath.

I'm starting to see how my kids will surpass me.


Ashy said…
I have an ipod touch- got it for my birthday- and I don't have a clue what to do with it. And it's connected to my dad's laptop, so I can only get new music when I see him. But other than putting already-purchased music on it, I have no clue what to do with the thing. Technology can be super useful, but sometimes it does take time to understand. (Unless you're Dan. He just gets it, or quickly figures it out lol)
Cannwin said…
what you need to do is google 'great apps for ipod touch' or something of the sort... then you should get Dan to explain how you get said fun apps on your ipod.

Some of the ones I enjoy are:

Aurora Feint
Angry Birds (biggest time waster ever created)
Pinterest app

I also have an app for my shopping list, timer (saves multiple timers--so I can have "Mischievite timeout" "iPod time"{30 minutes} "cookie timer"...etc)

The apps are the best part about the ipod touch :)

AND I think that you can transfer your account to your own itunes... I think.
Cari Hislop said…
I hope your jaw is feeling better (and that you went to a doctor!) Being unable to open my mouth would even get me to the doctors and I usually wait till I think I'm going to die horribly before making an appointment!

As for the subject at hand. I don't have an ipad, but I'm now the owner of an iphone. My Goblin got fed up of listening to me freak out about not being able to use my last phone when I desperately needed it to work. The brand new evil thing had a mind of its own and refused to unlock - except for my husband or the odd stranger I had to ask to help me which was excruciatingly embarrassing) so he got me an iphone 3 on a good deal. I don't have any aps or even my music downloaded onto it yet (I probably won't bother until my little ipods die), but it was made for people like me who were techno dinosaurs before techno meant anything other than a shortened version of 'technology'! Now I can leave my house without fearing I'll be stranded with a phone from the twighlight zone! Que that terrifying music...
Cannwin said…

Apps you should definitely get.


text free with voice (although I never use the voice--it would allow us to text one another from across the world for FREE!!!!!)

an audio books app like audibly

And the LDS gospel Library.

All of them are free, so don't go buying anything... but they are well worth it. And not too pointlessly time consuming like Moxie is.

Chelsea said…
I was in total shock when your husband told me our brother-in-law got you an "iPad" for $90, but then he told me it was a lot like my phone so my shock went away...he meant "iPod Touch."
Cannwin said…
haha too funny. The kids call it an ipad as well. Or 'that little laptop thingy.'

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