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52 Photo's #10

Just before we left for our trip to Grandma's house, Vicbowin and I had the honor of being invited to a Navajo Wedding.

My best-friend's sister was getting married and T (my best-friend) saw it as a great chance to get together with me and show me a little more of her fantastic culture..

After the ceremony was finished and the food was consumed T decided it was time for that fated picture I'd been trying to avoid.

I graciously informed her that, although I loved her dearly, posing for photos with her felt a lot like getting my picture taken with Helen of Troy.... no matter how good I was looking, I was bound to be overshadowed. 

T just rolled her eyes.

But one can never feel self-conscious around her for very long because her love and kindness quickly drown out any self-doubt in those she's near.

(Note: T's son is the younger of the two munckins in this picture.)


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