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The Brits

So, I have this little quirk about my personality that you may not know about. Actually it's rather new to me, so how on Earth would you know about it?

I like British TV shows.... Well, okay, I like the two shows I've watched enough to dig around for more. And no, I'm not talking about British humor shows, I'm talking Law & Order: UK (even though I don't like any other Law & Order shows) and MI-5 (Spooks).

MI-5 is what I'm watching now, it's like a spy show... or more like an FBI sort of show, except that they are way more secretive than any FBI agent I've ever known (and I've known a few).

Anyway, so I've been watching this show and there is this one character named Ruth that so reminds me of my friend Cari it's a bit weird. Last night, as I was watching my allotted daily intake of 2-3 episodes (this is what wives of soldiers do when their men are away... we watch lots of TV), I tried to figure out what it was about Ruth that so reminded me of my friend.

I think it's a combination of her personality (brilliant and just a little eccentric) and .... are you ready.... her scarf.

Yes! Truly, the woman's scarf that she's constantly fumbling with in the show totally reminds me of my friends fantastic wardrobe.

(Ruth Evershed on left, Cari on right)

It's so odd the things I connect with people. Like Orlando Bloom... totally reminds me of my brother... even though their are no similarities except that in Lord of the Rings, Legolas is this tall, gangly character that forcibly reminds me of my brother's stature as a kid.

Anyway, the other thing that makes me enjoy these shows so much is their interpretation of Americans.

Fabulously stereotypical lines like:

"When you say sketchy intel, do you mean you don't know anything?"
"I mean sketchy like when you guys had a bunch of Al Qaeda boys practicing their flying and sunning themselves in Florida."
"Haven't the American's started enough wars?"
"Hope is an american invention."
"So is the atom bomb, but why dwell on the past."

And, the other thing that's funny... is that nearly every single "American" that they have on the show talks like they're from Texas. What's with that? Do we all sound like a bunch of twangy cowboys to them? I can't decide if I ought to be offended or delighted. What strange ways to view us.

Not that we're any better, right? When you think British what do you think? Me, I think the first thing that goes through my mind is--ready... don't be offended... Godless, then I think uppity and stiff and then I wonder if they really enjoy tea, because I myself think tea tastes vile and would much rather drink coffee (not that I drink either).

And even though I've been to England, I still haven't changed my views on these sorts of things, even though I know they are inaccurate.

Granted the accent is a definite plus... no one can think badly of people who sound so wonderful. Maybe I just like accents in general.

Oh, and here's another Americanization that I heard when I was in England myself,

"You're teeth are very nicely white."
"Umm, not by American standards they aren't, but thanks."

Right, quite possibly the oddest compliment I've ever had.


Ivy said…
ha ha, Godless, ha ha funny, funny
mandi said…
We enjoy the occasional episode of MI-5 as well. We're very hit and miss with our following, but it's always a happy accident when we end up in the right place at the right time.
Cannwin said…
netflix baby. :)

I'm quite fond of the whole Ruth and Harry thing... and I've totally youtubed them.

I'm glad I'm not alone in my adoration. :)
Cari Hislop said…
You make me laugh! Actually scarf-wearing is more European (though a certain section of English people do wear a lot of scarves - the young middle classes especially). It's so funny how the English see Americans. They mostly find us fascinating (unless they deal with lots of us - we can be annoying in large numbers apparently). The one thing that gets up my nose is the widely held belief (and I read or hear it often) is that Americans don't comprehend irony. I roll my eyes! As for English tv shows, I think the twangy American accents are a result of English actors trying to do an American accent. It's rarely right, but then we get Americans like Anne Hathaway trying to do an English accent...just watching the preview for that One Day movie is like fingernails on a chalkboard. Strangely, the English actress who plays Herminoe Granger; she always sounds like she talking in a fake English accent to me.
Cannwin said…
lol, I think Anne Hathaway has a terrible fake English accent too. And if I can spot it you know it must not be very good.

As for Hermione... I think Emma Watson was raised in France (maybe) so that might explain that.

And irony huh? That's funny. I think we must just have a different definition of irony then the English.

AND I think any nationality finds another nationality fascinating. Maybe it seems more magnified between us and Britain because we come from the same familial roots... like long lost cousins who think the other one has the better life. :)

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