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Danny Boy Archives #2

Dear Ralexwin,

I swear, you have the orneriest bunch of kids in the world. Nothing is easy enough to just do. They whine and cry and moan and rend their clothes and cover themselves in ashes when I ask them to do something as normal as finding socks.

Your nephew is visiting this week and I wouldn't be a bit surprised if, when he gets home, he says to his parents... "I'm glad no one cries like that in our house."

It's exhausting!

Today Vicbowin was running late on her morning chores. When she discovered that she only had five minutes before the ETD (estimated time of departure) for school she broke down.

"I still have to vacuum! I'm going to be laaaaaaate!"

So, for the following five minutes your mother and I had to try and convince the child to do her work. Which, of course, then made her run even more behind schedule so that she didn't leave for school until five minutes AFTER her ETD.

--interject here to say that it only took her five minutes to finish the chores that it took her ten minutes to complain about--

Then, what does she do? She stands at the end of the driveway and cries about being late!

Now she'll come home and say to us, "I told you I was going to be late," and somehow that will translate into us giving her too much work in the morning and not into her lack of control.


Are you sure our children weren't switched at birth with torture devices? I'm thinking they might have been.

I hope you are having a wonderful time in your quiet little room out there in El Paso. Maybe we can switch places for awhile... I can teach those soldiers how to run away from people shooting at them and you can come here and work on the kids... maybe you can teach them how to jump when I say "Hop."


the mother of your children


Polly Blevins said…
You should tell her because she can't seem to time manage, you will take her out of school, give her a few more chores and home school instead. That will help with the pick up/drop off problem too!
Cannwin said…
That would be self torture.... :)
Winsor6 said…
It kills me to realize how little you know about what I am doing. We don't teach soldiers how to run away from people shooting at them we teach them how to destroy the enemy. As far as children are concerned I wonder if your mother ever thought, "I can't wait until she has kids of her own."

Keep your chin up your doing a fine job!

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