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Yesterday, as the kids were heading off to school and I was trying to take that most important of yearly pictures, I discovered something. My camera is broken.

I can't even explain to you what's happened to it, because I don't know. One minute it was working just fine and the next it was making everything supernova bright. Then when I went to change the lighting settings it inverted the lighting.

So no pictures of my kids first day of school. :(

Then, last night, after our first of many exhausting days to come, I woke up to the sensation of spider fingers across my chest. Except it wasn't spider fingers... it was a cockroach!

Go ahead.... digest that for a moment... I'll wait.




I had a hard time falling back to sleep after that, which isn't really that surprising is it?

I'm very tired today, and I still don't have a picture of my kids going off to school.

And does anyone want to complain about the price of school lunches with me? I mean, okay, one child--not such a biggie, but to pay for lunch for both of my children will be $450. If I wanted to give them school breakfast it would be close to $1000.

That makes me oh so excited to add the Mischievite into the school system.

So, my finances are like this:

School lunches- $450
New camera- $200

Okay, well those are the only extra expenses for the month (so far) but golly gee that's a lot!

What's the extra expense in your life right now?

PS. This photo has nothing to do with this blog post... I just like it.


Polly Blevins said…
I have to pay for a speeding ticket (prob. close to $150.00) That ticks me off. Maybe it will make you feel better though.
Cannwin said…
how fast were you going?
Polly Blevins said…
15 over. Tickets cost more here than in UT
Cari Hislop said…
Do they make you pay for the whole year of meals up front? That sounds totally insane to me. Whatever happened to paying for individual meals when you want one? Can't you send them to school with packed lunches or have they made them illegal over there? I don't have kids, but I know there's been some nutcases taking over the schools over here...some schools allow teachers to go through kids lunches and decide if the kid can eat what the parents sent. That would so push me over the edge! Ok I'll get off that soap box filled with potato chips and chocolate bars. Have you checked the local camera shops? They might have a decent second hand camera depending on what you want your camera to do. It's just one of my annoying helpful thoughts.
Cannwin said…

I can pay by the day or by the month, and so far I've just sent them with home lunches. The problem is that I rarely have cash on hand anymore.

Which is odd because I used to swear up and down that a woman should always have a little cash at hand in case she's in trouble.

As for crazy laws about school lunches... I know in calirfornia they are having those sorts of issues. I even heard that somewhere banned home lunches all together, that bugs me because if you are going to ban something like that you might have the decency to pay for the other option then.

Kind of like car seats for babies, they require us to have them but then they aren't free... or even cheap... it creates this massive business out of a requirement. It irks me.

ANYwho... I just wrote about you in my blog post for the day... and I stole your picture off your website, I hope you don't mind too much. :)

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