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Home in Idaho

Now that I've been talking about the house I grew up in all week, I'll bet you are wondering what it looks like. If it were me reading these posts, I know I'd be curious.

So... here it is. The home of my childhood. My mom's property sits on 2 1/2 acres but behind that is more open land that eventually turns into National Forest.

We had the wilds at our doorstep and used every inch of them to grow up.

It's the sort of freedom that I think every child should enjoy. Wide, open spaces to run around in for hours on end. The escape that all that land allowed me is quite possibly the reason I survived my childhood with only a medium sized need for counselling.

If you look closely at the photo you would see that the upper most set of windows open onto a floor. That's the loft that we jumped from. Also, the deck, where my darling Vicbowin s standing, used to be a great place for dangerous adventures as well. We used to climb over the rail and shimmy around the entire edge from end to end. It was sort of a badge of courage to accomplish this--even if the cars were parked directly below us.

And as a final point of interest... the glass doors that open onto the deck were different when I was a child. They had to be replaced after I shot them with a bb gun at point blank range.

Yes... this is how your esteemed blogger grew up. Defying death at every turn.


heather said…
I'm with you, a wide open space is ideal for growing up.

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