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Cannwin Timeline

Write one sentence that summarizes each year of your life so far:
Age 1--Moved to Idaho where I grew up.
Age 2--Perhaps this is the year of my first memory.
Age 3--I remember a neighborhood to-do at our barn where they kept trying to take pictures of me and I was absolutely terrified of  the camera.
Age 4--Possibly when the camera incident happened.
Age 5--Kindergarten and my first crush.
Age 6--During my mom's perm Cannwin's hair phase.
Age 7-- Shel Silverstein poems for 'writing exercise' in class.
Age 8-- Baptism, me and two boys were baptized at the same time and they made me go first.
Age 9-- 4th grade maybe? That would be the year I had my first 'boyfriend,' Brandon Sorenson.
Age 10-- The year I decided my favorite number was 10, because I'd never be a single digit again in my life.
Age 11-- No recollection of this year... it's actually quite odd, but I don't really remember it (I don't remember anything about 5th grade either).
Age 12-- This is the year I became a 'Young Woman' and graduated out of the baby classes at church.
Age 13-- Ugly Cannwin year (another perming phase).
Age 14-- Really became a woman.
Age 15-- First kiss. ::sigh::
Age 16-- Started 'officially' dating.
Age 17-- Worst, darkest year of my life, hands down.
Age 18-- Moved in with my brother in Utah, graduated from High School. (Phew!)
Age 19-- Ralexwin 
Age 20-- Mawwiage! Mawwiage! (in 20 years no one is going to understand that reference)
Age 21-- Vicbowin is born!
Age 22-- Albowin is born!
Age 23-- Ralexwin is in Iraq.
Age 24-- Ralexwin comes home from Iraq (to anyone whose ever dealt with a long separation, you will understand how this could encompass an entire year's worth of events).
Age 25-- (Or two)
Age 26-- (Or three)
Age 27-- We move to Montana where, two months later the Mischievite is born!
Age 28-- Move from Montana to South Dakota.
Age 29-- Craziest boss ever who hates the fact that I'm pregnant with Remewin (who was born that year too!).
Age 30-- Saddest relocation of my life.
Age 31-- This years only a day old yet.


Meaghan said…
This is cute. I kinda want to do one but I don't feel accomplished enough to do it.
Cannwin said…
accomplished much? Meaghan, you're alive, and it's your life. There is no requirements on being proud of that.

You have lived, you have made good choices and you have had singular experiences that no one else has had. That makes your life as important as anyones and I, for one, would love to see your time line. :)

Besides... if you'll notice I have several years that I don't remember anything from. Definitely unaccomplished years.
Meaghan said…
I did one in my notes on facebook :)

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