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The Married Single Mom

(Today is another post from Evelyn at Hanging by a Silver Lining. For my post on the same subject you'll have to go to her blog. Enjoy!)

They’ve got a name for my condition. 

 A married single.

*hand raised*

Hi. I’m Evelyn and I’m a married single. This title implies the obvious. I’m married, yet somehow I manage to maintain a rather contradictory single status as well. My husband Joe works out of town a lot leaving me solely in charge of four children ranging in ages 6 years old to 8 months.

Here’s the more obvious: I hate being single. For a multitude of reasons. I miss my husband. I miss having someone to curl up next to in bed. I miss having someone to make dinner for. (The kids don’t count; they’re happy with peanut butter sandwiches four nights a week). I miss having someone to watch reruns of The Office on Netflix with at night. I miss having someone to tag team bath night and crying spells that last longer than half an hour. I miss having someone to watch kids so I can go out and exercise or grocery shop or just breathe…alone.

Here’s the not so obvious.

I didn’t come across my blog name (Hanging by a Silver Lining) on accident. For as crazy as life can be, I really do try to find the good in life and hang on to it. Even if I’m hanging on for dear life. As much as I hate being a married single mom, there have to be silver linings in this phase of life somewhere, right?

How lucky am I that peanut butter sandwiches, popcorn, or cold cereal are perfectly acceptable dinner choices? Brilliant!

If I’m not in the mood to watch The Office or another old cowboy movie and instead want to watch the cheesy Bollywood remake of Pride and Prejudice…who’s around to say otherwise?

I can stay up as late as I want. Even if I'm dead tired the next day.

No snoring. No farting. No missing blankets.

With the captain gone, I run the ship. My parenting style is THE only parenting style.

I can be in a bad mood for days and there’s no one to call me on it.

There’s no one to dress up for, so I can hunker down in my pajamas and a ponytail for days. Just watch me.

So basically, having Joe gone all the time means I am free to be the laziest, most degenerate, smelliest, meanest, most pathetic me...

Swell. Just swell. 

Hurry home Joe.


Cannwin said…
Amen! I swear you took the thoughts right out of me.

When Ralexwin is home all the time I will admit a certain longing for solitary nights of P&P and 1AM love songs.

But I desperately miss having a full sized body next to me.... not only because that body totally gets that it's not supposed to sleep in my spot with me. :)
Lisa said…
You guys are amazing. I'll repeat it again. I don't know how you do it. And I love you!!! Here's hoping both husbands' schedules change around so you can have your men home. I feel quite spoiled. Love you both!
Rob-bear said…
This is so touching that even a Bear can get the message. Gutsy you to be doing this.
Blessings and Bear hugs on your journey.

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