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Things That Have Been

In the month of November, whilst I left my wonderous crowd of readers waiting, I did alot of fantastic things.

I also did a lot of really stupid things (maybe an entire month break isn't such a good thing for me--blogging being a nice ventilation for me and all).

And I even avoided doing some things that I ought to have been done... namely writing for NaNoWrimo. I have failed. ::bows head in shame::

BUT! Never fear. I would not be me without some dramatics to give you.

#1 On my list is that, if all goes according to plan, I will be going to college in January... full time.

That's right... 12 full credits! (if all goes according to plan).

Sadly, however, this means I will need to part from my fantastic Arizona drivers license. Apparently if I want to be considered an actual resident of Utah they want me to have a drivers license from here. ::sigh:: Don't they understand!? My AZ license doesn't expire until 2045! Can someone please just throw me a rope here! Is it too much to ask that I get to keep this little gem of government efficiency!?!

Well, apparently it is and no matter what I argue Ralexwin simply refuses to allow me to spend an extra $2000 a semester on out of state tuition. Its a sad, sad moment in my life, just so you all know. This is a real sacrifice for me.

#2 These glasses that you see (library or geek chic as I like to call them)--if all goes according to plan-- won't be something I need in January. That's right, your darling Cannwin is getting LASIK surgery for Christmas... and Valentines Day, and Mothers Day and possibly every other special occasion through 2012. Wowee zowee is that stuff pricey!

I probably wouldn't be going through with such an frivously selfish expense if it weren't for the coaxing of a lot of men in my life who insist that it's not selfish, I just think it is because I'm a girl. ::rolls eyes::

#3 I potty trained Remewin. Okay, I'm potty TRAINING Remewin.

See, I did do things while I was gone away from you beautiful people.

But now I'm back so the party can begin again. :)


Ashy said…
I love that picture! So pretty! And We can be NaNoWriMo failures together. I got about 100 words written. And congrats on getting lasik! My dad got it when I was younger and he's liked it. Glad to hear from you again!
Cari Hislop said…
Hello Esperity, I'm glad you've decided to put your brain to the grindstone. I noticed you didn't mention what exactly you plan to study so I'm assuming you either haven't decided or it's something obvious like English Lit and you're planning to take all boring classes.
Knowing how much you enjoy creating things and working with your hands, I hope you're going to treat yourself to a creative class of some sort every Semester. I can totally see you having fun in a pottery class or a wood working class. A fun class makes the boring classes more endurable! One Semester I took all boring classes and it was the longest Semester of my life. I could have taken a fencing class...or a costume designer class...but no... If I had a time machine I'd go kick my backside!!!
Gr8Life said…
A few thoughts.
1. I love your hair color. Is it yours?
2. I am a little jealous of you for going to school full time.

3. Congratulations on your eye surgery

4. I think you have a great way with words so I am sorry you were not able to do you NaNoWrimo project.

5. I am not a writer but enjoy reading the work of people that are. So I don't know if you have seen this blog that does a weekly Lovelink. You link up to a favorite post you have written that week and all the other writer link that link up read each other post and then vote on the one they like best. Here is the link
Cannwin said…

Yes, you are right I totally need to do fun stuff as well. When Ralexwin and I discussed school he asked what I wanted to study and I said, "religion"

He informs me that that is a degree with no money on the other end so I must pick something else.

So writing it is. Although I don't know what type of degree to seek, just that I want to write until my fingers cramp and my brain explodes.

but pottery and woodworking sound fun too.

Dang school!!! Making me choose.
Cannwin said…

Love hearing from you! You're a gem and I'm excited to take a look at that link.


As for the hair color... it's natural-ish. It's what my hair looks like when the sun hits it. My Mischievite has a stronger red tone than that and I LOVE it.

it's sort of like a fun center in a chocolate candy, cuz typically my hair is just plain brown, unless the sun hits it. :)

And school is really scaring me. I'm totally intimidated by it, so I did the most obvious thing and scheduled an appointment to see an adviser so I don't make any stupid mistakes in my attempts to get enrolled on time. :)
Cannwin said…

thanks! I love you too! :)
Cari Hislop said…
Your husband sounds like a very sensible man with very good advice!

Since you don't really know what you want to do (a lot of Freshmen don't) if I were you I'd spend the first year taking classes from varying subjects that involve writing. They don't have to be English...could be Psychology or Sociology or History...take a variety of 101 classes and see what really makes you feel excited. Even subjects we love will have boring classes, but I think overall if you find yourself drawn to something and the feeling doesn't go could be the right direction! My baby sister (whose now on her last Semester) started out thinking she wanted to work as a one on one teacher with learning disabled children (she has a learning disability herself) but she soon discovered she didn't enjoy it at all. She's going to graduate with some sort of degree in computers. Experiment is good!

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