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Today I go in for LASIK surgery at 3PM.

I'm super duper nervous.

They made me watch this video showing what they would be doing to my eyes. I wanted to inform them afterward that their video was LESS likely to make people want the surgery.

Then the doctor tried talking me into getting 'custom' LASIK which is about $1000 more an eye. After telling me how much better my eyesight would be and how much more advanced the technique was and how absolutely happy I'd be if I spent that extra $2000 (yes, I only have two eyes), then telling me how my eyes aren't something I really want to scrimp on. He asked me if I wanted to go ahead with custom LASIK.

I graciously declined and made sure he understood I was opting for the scrimping surgery that wouldn't bust my bank.

He then smiled and said, "Well, with your prescription there really isn't going to be that much of a difference in vision if you go for the conventional surgery v custom."


That's the sort of information they conveniently don't tell you.

My friend says that there is no morality in finances. This would be a prime example of that.

So... today I'm going to scrimp and go for conventional LASIK.

I'm scared-excited and have no one around to really vent those feelings to.

I had to find a ride to the surgery and home and then I will probably put a movie on for the kids and go climb in my bed.

It feels weird doing something so life altering without any sort of hand to hold.


Such is my life.

Wish me luck!


Ashy said…
Good luck! I (and probably Meaghan as well) are holding your hands in spirit, if it helps :)
I love that you are suing my picture. I just miss you so much. You know one of those "People" you were just supposed to meet on your mission, kinda missing? Well, its like this, when I think of Vermillion, South Dakota, I can't help but think "Winsor" and then "Charity." Good luck with the surgery... :)
Meaghan said…
To me, Charity Windsor is most of the reason I return to Vermillion. But not anymore. :(

How did Lasik go?? :)
Cannwin said…
Oh! you guys are so sweet! I'm totally touched. And you are all welcome to visit me anytime you want. :)

Even from Spain.

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