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Periodontal Disease and Cannwin Naivete

Yesterday I learned about this thing called Periodontal Disease... and really all I have to say is this:

Why the HE** hasn't anyone ever mentioned this to me before now!? How did I miss this one? Seriously? My dentists have all failed me.

I mean, I've gotten the lectures about flossing just like everyone else, but I seriously thought that was just because flossing prevented cavities. I had no idea it prevented the decay of my jaw! The loss of my teeth?! The prevention of horrible super un-sexy breath!

Okay, okay... call me a complete moron. After all I am 31 years old. I should have picked up on this by now. But I didn't!

I'm going to lose all my teeth! I'm going to die one of those old miserable people with no chins and gummy lips!

Now, I'm not saying that I have Periodontal Disease, I'm just saying... I don't floss (well, I do now!). Never have! I feel like maybe I'm swimming upstream now.

Wow, I'm absolutely terrified about this. I'm just saying--the catastrophe-izer in me is on a rampage. She's tearing apart chairs and throwing down priceless Cannwin artifacts and having a downright heyday in my mind right now because she just KNEW this was going to happen (even though she's totally willing to admit that she'd never heard of it before either).

Yep. I now have a new and absolute fear in my life.

Screw weight gain. Screw hair loss. I'm going to stress about tooth decay for the rest of my natural life.

Whew! I think I'm going to have a panic attack.

(Photo: Me... on the couch, panicking about my teeth.)


Ashy said…
Woah, seriously? The lack of flossing can ruin your whole face? I'm trouble now.
Cannwin said…
Yeah! Entire face... like really horrible things can happen to you AND Periodontal Disease is HIGHLY contagious, so if you get it, your spouse is gonna get it too. So you'll have to harass them into good flossing as well.

It was really terrifying to learn about. Seriously... not joking.
mandi said…

you're awesome.

AND... good thing you found about it now, hey?

AND... maybe you should make a list of all the things you don't know about ;).
Cannwin said…
Mandi my darling... if I don't know about it how am I supposed to list it?


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