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Sunshine Daisies, Butter Mellow...

I. Seriously. Need. Some. New. Pants.

I have lost so much weight in the last 2 months that I don't actually have pants that fit. My smallest pair is now too big and I sadly no longer have cute bum jeans. I have hang off my hips, cinch my belt jeans.

The worst part is that all my jeans are from the Buckle and cost me at least $90 each. That kills me! Also... can I tell you a secret.... my bras don't fit either .... this is horrible as well (for many reasons) because I bought them at Victoria Secret for $50 each!

I'm out like $500 in clothes alone!

They aren't kidding when they say divorce is expensive.

On a side note, however, I used a big word in my communications class and the entire room went silent--even the teacher who said, "Wow, that's a big word." I was embarrassed which was made only worse by my friend laughing and telling me that everyone in the class must have been thinking NERD! (don't worry I punched her).

Well, so, he was describing the word in detail... we'd spent at least 5 minutes on the definition as if the word didn't exist and I finally just said--"You mean a colloquialism?"

Silence followed.

So much for staying gray. It never helps to outsmart the teacher. I probably dropped a full grade right then. ;)

And if you were wondering a colloquialism is "a local or regional dialect expression." Like 'charlie-horse' which isn't widely definable in say England.

Other words I've recently had to define: enamored, suffrage, imbued, invalid (like sick people not like error)...

Yes, if you haven't noticed I am a bit of a word nerd, but that's why you love me, admit it.

PS. Thank you all so much for the comments and emails, your support and love is so helpful to me that I cannot imagine why I stayed away for as long as I did. I love you all so very much. Thank you.


Ashy said…
I feel awesome because I know all of those words! Haha :) I'm glad your class is still going (mostly) well! Just remember that Vanity jeans are awesome! If you catch them on a sale you can often get bogo half off.
Ivy said…
word nerd... jeans too big...2 good problems to have. expensive. that would be hard for me to get past too.

I'm sure life is still rough and will be for a while but you sound good today. That's good to hear. You are in my thoughts often.
heather said…
What size are you babe? Maybe I can send you a pair I don't wear anymore? Every girl needs a cute-bum pair of jeans in her life. -Oh... but nothing in my closet came even close to being $90. More like $30 max.
Tracie said…
I am sorry about the past two months. I can only imagine the stress you must be feeling. I will keep you in my prayers.
Rob-bear said…
Oh Dear! Shrunk to the veritable shadow of your former self? Well, unless you needed to lose some weight (a state in which most of us live), that was not a good thing. Certainly not right now. You can probably use all the energy you can handle. You have all those other individuals in your life who will need lots. Of your energy.

But, hey, what you've proved so far is that you could be teaching the course you're taking. Which may or may not be a good thing. I mean you? A nerd? Heavens no! A remarkable young woman with a comprehensive and robust knowledge of the English language, and a proven ability to use it effectively. Yes, that's it. (Translation: you're a good writer, and blogger.)

I don't want this to be tedious, so I'll quit now. Except for one anomaly. I though I was a "follower" of this blog. But I wasn't. I am now.

Blessings and Bear hugs!
Cari Hislop said…
I know the big pants dance! I had to buy new jeans the other week. Two sizes smaller than three months ago! Yes! I'd nearly forgotten what it felt like to wear jeans that fit. Hopefully in three months I'll have dropped several more sizes. The Goblin bought a treadmill which should help (as long as I actually use it).

Talking vocabularies: I think that was funny!!! You go girl!!!
I only wish I had your vocabulary skills. Could you maybe take your clothes to a consighment shop and sell or trade them? Just an idea...

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