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Fruit-Loop, Candy-Cane, Wierdo

Started summer school yesterday. I have to tell you, I hate hate hate the first day of classes. Is it really necessary to scare the be-jee-be's out of us?

I get way too stressed out about such things I suppose.

I also dyed my hair. :) Which has elicited multiple reactions from people. Mostly I've been told I'm having a mid-life crisis.

I can assure you I am not nearly old enough to have such things and if you knew me as a kid you would know hair dye is sort of something I enjoy.

Anyway.... I need to be more diligent about writing on here. I love you all so much and hate the idea that I'm forsaking my devoted readers.

I will try harder. :)

Truth v. Gossip

Yesterday I got a real good whiff of the gossip going around about me. And I have a few things to say about it...

1. When describing my physical attributes to people who don't know me, but for some reason need to know why you think I'm getting a divorce, accuracy is important.

Now I know it's so much less intimidating if I am the 'big girl' but let's be honest here people. I'm not fat and I'm not ugly. I know this is much more threatening to you and somehow makes my crimes harder to digest but if you're going to smear my name all over town at least have the decency to try for accuracy.

2. It seriously takes two people to make or break any relationship. Not just one... And it's not really your business anyway.

3. I lost everyone I know... It's taken me months to build up even the few friends that I have now. When you stop those people and tell them to watch out for me because I'm nothing but trouble you are quite literally undermining the…


I got in a car accident this week. Totally my fault. I rear ended a big SUV with a nice thick hitch right on the back. Naturally her car was unhurt.
Mine is a little worse for the wear but still alive.

I'm becoming a statistical anomaly.


Well, what can I say... When it rains it pours... And this holds true in my life as well.

So about five years ago I started having this severe pain in my right side. I went to the doctor and after running the appropriate tests for infection ruled it to be an ovarian cyst and sent me on my way.

Every few months from then until now I would have some severe, put me out of commission for a few days (sometimes a week) pain in my right side. Anyone close to me knows this about my life. They would also know that I attributed it to cysts and learned to live with it.

Well lately (meaning last month and a half) the pain has been getting worse and more frequent. Finally culminating in an early morning visit to the instacare mid-April.

The instacare sent me home saying they couldnt tell what it was and told me if the pain increased to go to the Emergency Room.

My Facebook status that afternoon was something like 'if 10 is me giving birth sunny side up in the wilderness while a mountain lio…


Finals are done. I am free from school for 3 whole weeks. I am going to get a book and run away to another world.

Any suggestions?