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Well, what can I say... When it rains it pours... And this holds true in my life as well.

So about five years ago I started having this severe pain in my right side. I went to the doctor and after running the appropriate tests for infection ruled it to be an ovarian cyst and sent me on my way.

Every few months from then until now I would have some severe, put me out of commission for a few days (sometimes a week) pain in my right side. Anyone close to me knows this about my life. They would also know that I attributed it to cysts and learned to live with it.

Well lately (meaning last month and a half) the pain has been getting worse and more frequent. Finally culminating in an early morning visit to the instacare mid-April.

The instacare sent me home saying they couldnt tell what it was and told me if the pain increased to go to the Emergency Room.

My Facebook status that afternoon was something like 'if 10 is me giving birth sunny side up in the wilderness while a mountain lion chews off my leg, then I'm telling you now I'm at a 7! So someone please take me seriously!'

The pain subsided and I went on my merry little stressed out way until this week.

This week the pain came back and although it wasn't as bad as earlier I took the instacare doctor seriously and went to the hospital.

The hospital couldn't find anything wrong.

But! Instead of just sending me home they decided that after 5 years of chronic pain I probably deserved a little more attention. So I was sent to get a CTscan.

Have you ever had a CTscan? They make you drink this stuff... It's horrible. They pump this contrast dye into your system... It feels like your burning from the inside out.

By the time i got home I was tired, sick to my stomach and my side was throbbing. I fell asleep.

When I woke up I hurried out of bed and over to the grocery store to find something good to make for dinner.

I never made that dinner.

Instead I checked my voicemails. The radiologist had called and left an 'urgent' voicemail (a first for me). He needed me to go back to the ER right away. I had what he referred to as 'chronic' appendicitis. This is what had been causing my pain for 5 years and the reason no one had caught it was because I wasn't showing any of the typical signs of appendicitis.

I went to the ER and was admitted into surgery within 2 hours.

I now am home and feeling sort of like I've had aliens probing my abdomen with white hot bars of metal.

But I've been assured that my chronic pain will now go away.... Just as soon as the accute pain does.


Mrs. Miniver said…
Wow, five years of eluding a correct diagnosis! If you didn't think you were special before...:)

Hope you're feeling good and back on your feet soon.
Rob-bear said…
I hope my last comment (on your appendectomy) made it to you. Google has been acting very strangely.

And to which planet did you go for your holiday?
Ashy said…
Ow! That's lame! I'm sorry you went through that... At least now once you heal it'll be all better, right? :) Love ya!
Jamie said…
Well, frick, girl! On one hand I am glad you will feel better, but yeah...when it rains, it pours for you! Hopefully you found a good book like u said in your last it and heal FAST! Love & healing vibes!
Meaghan said…
You are a warrior! You don't let anything push you around. You are strong and one of the most amazing people I know. Miss you! <3
Me-AH-guh-han :)

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