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Bad Karma

I seriously don't know what I did to piss off the god of karma but this year has been the worst ever for me.

Yesterday at 3:15 pm I was driving through an intersection when a red car magically appeared right in front of me. I T-boned the poor lady and totaled my stupid car.

All the witnesses say I ran a red light but I would swear on a stack of bibles it was green. They also told the police officer that I was texting, which I was not and can prove!

Albowin got to ride in an ambulance to the ER where they inspected his eye for glass. None was there. No one was seriously hurt, although today my wrist hurts so bad I can't even squeeze the cap of a soda bottle.

I have no car. I have no money to buy a car and I now have a ticket for running a red light.

I would very very very much like to move back to South Dakota where my life was simple.

I would also like this year to freakin' end already!!!!


Rob-bear said…
OH, DEAR! I am so sad to hear this. Something else you do not need. I hope you can recover. I would send you a car, but we're now down to one car for two families.

Hope you have some insurance.
Ashy said…
This is going to sound really stupid, but your nickname "Cannwin" made me think that you "Can-win" so don't give up yet! You're being watched over from above, and we always think of you. Love and hugs!
Lisa said…
Car wrecks are kind of the worst ever! I'm so so sorry.
cannwin said…
Thanks you guys. :) Its really thrown off our whole week so naturally I've never been so happy to see my weekend!

SuperFreak has already found several really cheap cars he thinks would be good for me. ... Ironically several of them are very large and hard to break.
Rob-bear said…
Three cheers for SuperFreak! Wonderful that someone has been able to be so helpful.
Cari Hislop said…
My commiserations! I'm just glad no one in either car was badly injured or killed!!! Something similar happened to my mom while she was driving me to a wedding. She was turning on a green light and this (I'm sure it was red) mustang or something like it came belting up through the lane on her left and seriously it was nearly goodbye Mom. But several "onlookers" who were similarly blind (the young woman was better looking than my mother who to be fair was looking rather frazzled after being nearly squished) and they accused my mother of running a red light so she got the ticket.

Have you thought to check time the lights? If you know the exact time when the accident happened you might be able to prove the colour was green by the setting of the timer (they tend to have lights on a timer changing however many minutes or seconds depending on where the light is situated). Just a thought!

You can win...some years are crap (had a few myself), but don't start believing you're jinxed. You're not! It's just life having one of its annoying pile ups. Get ready to roll your eyes (something good will come of it - eventually).
Amy said…
Ugh sorry! My husband just totalled our car last month and it has to be one of the biggest hassles ever. Hope your year improves.

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