October 8, 2012

That's My Kids

We are at Gap and there's these moccasins for sale. The boys go over to check them out and the Mischievite says "My friend has a pair of these!" 

Albowin snatches them from his brother's hand and says..... "Are those real ones like really made from Indians!?"


On the way to school we see this hot air balloon. The kids are all loving it, then:

Vicbowin says: "I've never been on a hot air balloon."

Albowin: "Me neither."

Mischievite: "Neither have I."

Remewin: "I have! In Afwica."



Rob-bear said...

Priceless observations. A wonderful antidote to much of what we hear these days.

STEPHANIE! said...

I miss you guys. Rebecca is getting so big!

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-Marianne Williamson

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