Packing Woes

Trying to pack with kids in the house is like trying to shoot a target with your foot in the way.

"What are my books doing in that box?"

"I'm packing them."

"WHAT! NOOOOOOOOO. Please, Mommy, please I love those books, don't take them away."

"I'm not taking them away, I'm putting them in a box until we get to South Dakota."

"But I love them."

For the love! This entire process is becoming painful, I think I'd rather shoot a target with my foot in the way. And then, to top that all off the 'What's in that box?' has spread to my husband. This was a common problem the last time we packed. Each box filled was followed by the other person checking the garbage or 'give away' boxes.

He thinks I don't need things I really do, and that he needs things he really doesn't. ;) Like those books we bought at the Library book sale that no one has so much as opened since we got them, over a year ago.

"Honey, I really like this book."

"You haven't even opened it in a year."

"So do I get to go through your books and throw out the ones you haven't opened in a year?"

"Of course not, dear, cause I've read all those books. You've never read this one."

We just have to much stuff, and with every new, larger, house we get we add to that stuff. I don't even know how we're going to afford the bigger U-Haul. Have you guys ever priced those things? They're expensive. But I don't really want to get rid of the newly acquired washer and dryer, or the three new dresser's (well, garage sale new).

Face it guys, packing sucks.


Anonymous said…
Yep packing is a pain in general but doing it with three little kids that all of a sudden discover their "favorite" toy they haven't played with in over a year or even mentioned in the past year could get very frustrating. Good Luck!
Lisa said…
All I can say is that my heart goes out to you.

Packing sucks the life right out of you.
Winsor said…
Yeah, I remember moving you guys into Montana, that wasn't bad. I thought it was pretty fun. Removing parts of the door, to try and fit the couch through, then realizing it still wouldn't fit. It is great fun. Good luck.
mommy said…
I'm sorry... I hate moving! If I was there I'd watch your kids while you got stuff done.

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