Mutterings of a Middle-Aged Dreamer

Use your words, my dear sweet soul, they are inside of you... So find them. Write, you silly girl, write so hard the world will never forget you. But does it matter if the world remembers you?  Age begins to press its hands upon your chest and the need to be remembered seems to increase with the pressure.  Stop. That's not a line of thought you're interested in pursuing.  Live in the now. Does it matter if the world remembers you if your neighbor is going hungry?  Perhaps age is merely pushing you out the door.  Go. Live in the now. 

Introspective Musings of a Working Girl

Let me rage. Let me rage in infinite defiance of that everlasting night. Let me rage with such zeal that my soul is consumed in the blinding, glorious light of      another day,     another promise,     another hope.              -Charity #dylan thomas #workingmom

I Am A Phoenix

This is a drawing I did right after my divorce, when I was trying to discover my life's course and who I was as a person. Divorce is this horrendously nasty thing that leaves a person with little to nothing of who they were before (at least that's how it was for me). My family was gone, at one point I had counted up blood/legal relatives that had stopped talking to me and it was nearly 60. Things were bad, but one of the recurring comments I heard from other divorcee's was 'Get bitter, or get better.' So I aimed for better. I came up with my own personal code of conduct (Quiet Dignity) and my own personal motto. The motto the drawing is based off of is:  "I am a Phoenix. I was born for the fire and I will rise from the ashes." But, that's not all. Each aspect of the drawing has meaning. I researched these... so I hope I got them right. lol I chose to make my image reminiscent of a mandala with the most significant parts at the very c

Getting Back on My Feet

It is finals week for me, and I am extremely excited to be done with it. I overdid myself this semester and took 14 credits. That's five classes. This may not sound like much (just two over the average) but for a single-mom with four children and a job this was insanity. Especially since two of those classes were English classes and I was forced to write WAY more than I had time for (I had three essays due this week totaling nearly 20 pages of writing and another 3-4 of pure citations). Also, I moved. Yep. I moved in with a friend and her partner. They are the best and gave my children and I a place to stay until I have my feet back under me. The rent is half what I was paying. It's a tight fit for all of us but it's so much better than where the kids and I were at that I couldn't be more grateful. Next semester I am going to be dropping down to part-time and focusing on working more hours so I can actually afford to live. I'm also consi

A Thorough Scolding

I have been informed that I don't post enough blogs and am missed by the populace at large. Lol sorry. I will give you the low-down on my life. Yesterday I finished a three page single-spaced paper regarding te softcore discrimination that single mothers face. It's the beginnings of my final paper in the class--which has to be ten pages (hopefully double-spaced). I took a Spanish test yesterday as well as a math test. I did well on the math not so sure about Spanish. I also went to a lecture given by a woman named Helen Whitney (??) who is a big deal documentarian and has won Emmies and the like for her work. She also met the Pope (among others). When I was done with the lecture my friend picked me up and we enjoyed a 'girls nights.' we watched a movie called Zombiland. It was ok but not really my style of movie. Today the kidlets are up north enjoying their fall break and heading to the local amusement park for their birthdays which are this weekend (Iris

That's My Kids

We are at Gap and there's these moccasins for sale. The boys go over to check them out and the Mischievite says "My friend has a pair of these!"  Albowin snatches them from his brother's hand and says..... "Are those real ones like really made from Indians!?" *** On the way to school we see this hot air balloon. The kids are all loving it, then: Vicbowin says: "I've never been on a hot air balloon." Albowin: "Me neither." Mischievite: "Neither have I." Remewin: "I have! In Afwica." ***

Checking In

I think learning another language is going to be the death of me. I had all these high hopes for getting A's from now on in college and now all I can think is.... B's are good too. But I can say 'no me gusta pongo salsa en mi comida' which possibly translates into I do not like sauce in my food. Oh dear....