Checking In

I think learning another language is going to be the death of me. I had all these high hopes for getting A's from now on in college and now all I can think is.... B's are good too.

But I can say 'no me gusta pongo salsa en mi comida' which possibly translates into I do not like sauce in my food.

Oh dear....


Rob-bear said…
Well, your Spanish is much better than mine (since mine doesn't exist).

On the other hand, Canada is officially bilingual — English and French — though I'm not particularly good in either of those.

And B's are very good indeed. Close to As — not too far off an A average.

Best wishes. Blessing and Bear hugs to all.
Claire said…
other than you shouldn't have conjugated "pongo", it wasn't too shabby :)
Claire said…
Can I also just take a moment to say that despite being Calamity Cannwin lately, I'm proud, inspired, and amazed that you are still in school and enduring so much. I love you, most fiery of birds!!

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