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I Am Mommed Out

It has been a very trying week in my mom world, I'm sure it's just build up from the fact that my children refuse to go outside. Yes, refuse. I'm sure that some reader's might be thinking that as a mother I should be in charge and to them all I have to say is... come on over and give it a shot. They have literally begged to do chores instead. To make my children go outside we have to drag them out, lock the screen door behind them and then listen to them bang on it and cry for as long as we can endure. The reason behind this is that they've decided they are scared of dogs. It's absolutely nuts! And it is making this summer crawl by, especially since I'm trying to pack.

Now add to those two facts, the packing and the canine-phobia, that my son has learned the art of copy-catting. He finds immense joy in wandering around the house copying every word his sister says. He also likes following her around growling, either of these makes her scream at the top of her lungs and him smile darkly.

Yesterday morning, my son decided to wake her up by hitting her with a book. The ensuing scream woke me and the baby up and promised an adventurous day ahead.

Today I called my friend Ivy to beg her to take my daughter for a few hours. My throat was sore and my blood pressure must have been through the roof. I'd endured three days of grocery store tantruming (is that a word?), furniture climbing, baby hitting, baby waking, room destroying, stubborn screaming, couch sleeping, money demanding, chore refusing, wanting, wanting, wanting, and I couldn't take another minute. So, even though she had family visiting she graciously, mercifully took my daughter. Which allowed me to put the baby down for a nap, stick a movie in for my son and pack, in blissful, peaceful quiet.

Then the baby woke, the movie ended and my daughter got home. I'm done now, I'm ready for this weekend away that we've got planned. I'm ready to sleep in a hotel room with the kids in another town. Of course that means I should pack some bags... I wonder if they'll notice if I lock the bedroom door.


Sara Crandall said…
You will survive! You're good enough, smart enough, and doggone it, people like you!"
Winsor said…
That is funny, Alex walking around and growling. That is awesome. You think he would like the canine family if he is doing that. You better check to see that there isn't a full moon, Charity, it could be deeper than just annoying his sister.

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