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"...the most beautiful woman in the world was a French scullery maid named Annette. Annette worked in Paris for the Duke and Duchess de Guiche, and it did not escape the Duke's notice that someone extraordinary was polishing the pewter. The Duke's notice did not escape the notice of the Duchess either, who was not very beautiful and not very rich, but plenty smart. The Duchess set about studying Annette and shortly found her adversary's tragic flaw.
.... Annette never had a chance." -The Princess Bride Chapter One
I can relate. I have a soft spot for chocolate. When I was in Italy, nearly 10 years ago they had these chocolates called 'Bacci', they were to die for. After I returned to the States I wanted more of them and it took the dedicated efforts of a very smitten man to find them here in the U.S. (much to my pleasure). I haven't had them in years but I still think about them every once in a while.
When I was pregnant with my first child, sometime during the last trimester, the nurse exclaimed "You've gained 10 lbs in one month!"
I was a bit ashamed of this, but my doctor kindly put his hand on my shoulder and said, "Whatever it is your eating you need to stop."
He didn't ask, which was good cause I don't think I could have been honest. Chocolate.
Chocolate Slim Fast shakes and gooey brownies to be precise. Every day for a month.
I have a weakness, it's the truth, I love chocolate, but not any chocolate, I'm not so into Hershey's bars. No, I like the good stuff, the things you get in cute but expensive boxes for Valentine's Day or fudge at Christmas time. I like chocolate with things in it, like caramel or peanut butter or mint.
Hot chocolate, cold chocolate, mocca chocolate (I know! I know!), chocolate cake, chocolate truffle, milk chocolate, dark chocolate, hard chocolate, soft chocolate, old chocolate, new chocolate. I could eat it all. It's bad.
When I was younger, and my metabolism could handle this, I was quite the talk of the restaurant I worked at, when the waitresses wanted to sell a particularly large piece of desert they would point to me and say:
"See her, that tall, skinny one, she can eat an entire one of these.... alone."
It was a great selling point for some reason and they all liked to tease me about it.
I try to restrain myself now, but when the holiday's hit I'm really in for it; October (gotta include Halloween) to February, five months of chocolate. Oh, did I mention my anniversary is in September.... so make that six months.
Hello, my name is cannwin and I'm a choco-holic.


Sara Crandall said…
I'm with you. See's candy is my weekness. Butterscotch squares to be exact!
Terésa said…
Amen sister! Jarrod has found his wife is easily appeased when he brings home some sort of chocolate. For a while there it was almost too much for me to keep up with... almost. He gets this really good stuff from Wal-mart, with bits of oranges and almond slices in dark chocolate. It’s my kryptonite.
Winsor said…
Really???? Have you seen the movie chocolate? According to the preacher in that movie that is the downfall of that society. Anyway, this chocolate fetish that women have makes no sense. I mean seriously, I don't believe that women like chocolate as much as they claim. When someone gets a box of chocolates no one likes any of them besides the ones with caramel in them. The rest are junk.
cannwin said…
What! I really don't think a Winsor has a right to comment, you lot are notorious for your dislike of chocolate. ;)

I'm happy to inform you that I enjoy nearly all the chocolate's in the box, minus anything cherry, lemon or orange chocolate. Those three flavors should not be combined with Chocolate.
Terésa said…
There have been studies that prove that chocolate produces an euphoric hormone in the brain. That’s the sense-i-cal reason women like it. My MOST FAVORITEST combination is orange and chocolate, but I agree with you on the lemon. What I can’t stand is white chocolate. I call it the anti chocolate!!
Peay Family said…
Hey, hold on people (I'm Teresa's sister, by the way - she told me to read this). My sister will tell you and my husband will agree that dark chocolate is my ultimate weakness. But, if you don't like lemon and chocolate then you haven't had See's Lemon truffle - it is simply AMAZING, just the right amount of tart and sweet. Anyway, had to add my two cents! Thanks! :) Rachel
cannwin said…
Funny, but I love white chocolate. Not as much as fudge though, fudge is my true weakness and I never get enough of it. It's probably good I don't know how to make it. Rachel, maybe I will break down and try the See's lemon truffle.

I do like lemon bars, so maybe... ;)

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