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On This Day Part 2 (of 2)

Today is my first born son's birthday. He is one year and two days younger than his sister. He is 6 today. And if I thought my girl was a ball of fire, this one is a volcano of hot magma, constantly erupting. He is a spitfire.
When he was a baby his first word was "No!" and he's never stopped saying it. He loves super heroes and dinosaurs and loves to draw monsters. He wakes up every morning at 5AM and has for the last 6 years. He hates baths or water of any sort, but loves to jump into the deep end of a pool when no one is looking. If he is bored he'll just leave the room, regardless of where he is. And for the first few weeks of Kindergarten he spent more time in the hall than he did in class. He is the most wonderful creature that God could have made into a body... when he's in a good mood. He makes us laugh with pure delight and scream in utter frustration.

He has what is referred to as a motor-speech delay, which means that the words don't go from his brain to his mouth quite right and although he is much much much better, he still has a ways to go.

His sister and him are nearly inseparable and love to walk around holding hands. And he loves his baby brother even though he has confiscated said brothers tricycle for his own personal use and often leaves him sobbing on the grass.

I doubt he'll care about staying up late. More than likely he'll refuse to eat his dinner, opting for bread only, play video games until he can't see straight and then fall asleep on the couch (which is where he usually ends up anyway).

He is a boy of many quirks, a child with so many different characteristics that to describe him in a page would be impossible. He eats 4 things and nothing more (peanut butter and honey sandwiches, pepperoni pizza, spaghetti -no sauce, no cheese- and bread), when there are no toys available (ie church) he uses his hands and fingers, twisting & turning them into the shapes and sounds of a lion or an airplane -once into this mode he can play for hours.

I can't imagine my life, or my daughters without him. He seems to have filled up a missing link in her life as if they were always meant to be together. I have often said that I think they were aiming for the same birthday. She was a week late, he was a week early (and a complete surprise). We are all happy and sad to see them growing up.


Wes and Lindsay said…
I can't beleive he is 6! That is just crazy talk.
Jamie said…
We Heart Allyjander!

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