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Baking Soda Disaster

Whilst trying to come up with a proper blog for today (before my battery ran out) I heard a little sound. The sort of sound that makes any parent of a toddler jump up and run into the other room.

The sound of the refrigerator being opened.

I was to late, the damage was being done as I turned the corner.

There he was my 2 year old in all his glory dumping a box of baking soda onto the carpet. *sigh* So I'm afraid my mornings blogging enjoyment will have to be cut short today. Unless one of you wanted to come clean up the ensuing mess?

Otherwise I'll see you all tomorrow with (hopefully) some better blogging luck.

In the meantime does anyone know anything about a lawsuit against project playlist?


Jennifer said…
At least your carpet will smell nice. ;)
Cari Hislop said… could be worse. It could have been mustard. :) Aren't I helpful? I wanted to tell you I went through your list thingy and found some things I'd never heard, but really liked. The piano piece by Yiruma. I bought it...I've now listened to it over 60 works really well on a loop...I like these kinds of songs when I'm writing. But it's lovely so thankyou!

Also...Esperity...the world is a musical...doesn't everyone break into song? I thought they did...I do! I thought life was a musical...are you telling me it isn't? I'll sing on even if I'm not on key and I can't remember all of the words to any song. C'est la vie! I think that's awesome your seven year old has joined the choir...I bet they love having her and won't that be good for her self esteem! You rock!
cannwin said…
Yes I think it is good for her to go to choir too. The one time she missed every adult in the choir stopped her at church the next sunday and asked where she had been and that they sure missed her. It was great to see her swell up with joy at being so wanted. She hasn't missed since.

And if life is a musical than I think my second act must be a very dramatic sounding one full of racing music that goes here and there without seeming to have order or meaning only to slow down to a lull of soft strings interrupted frequently by the loud crashing of sound.

That would be how my life is... days of rushing around and almost wonderful nights when sleep takes you just long enough for the kids to really get a dig in when they wake you.

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