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Cough, Cough, Cough. Wheeze, Wheeze, Wheeze.

We've decided the baby is our "sickly" child. He was at it again last night *rolls eyes* coughing up a lung or two and making everyone's lives miserable, including his own.

The poor thing, it's like every respiratory ailment that floats along the air see my baby and makes a b-line straight for him. So I'm off to the doctor again today for him. It was supposed to be his 2 year old well child checkup but since he had a fever all night long I'm thinking that they aren't going to be to apt on giving him any shots.

What a long night!!!!! I can't believe how exhausted I feel. I think I got maybe an hours worth of sleep in all and that was between more than one bed. Iyawin keeps going from happy, cheerful baby to utter grump. I think he's just as tired as I am.

So anyway, lots to do today.

I need a topic to blog about anyone have any ideas?


Lisa said…
Sick kids are never a good time. All I can say is I'm sorry and I hope you get a nap today.
Cari Hislop said…
You could blog about that strange painting...why is the woman on the the right in what appears her underwear? And who is that poor creature with blood running down it...clearly the person in the bed is ill...or something...enlighten us?

I love your latest blog background. I think the colour and design is quite soothing...and very cute!

PS I feel for sleep? Ouch!
I think this is why God did not send me any children, without sleep I turn into a certifiable PSYCHO...if you don't believe me, ask your poor sister...she knows!
I hope you get a nap too...your poor little man...that's rough catching everything blowing in the wind.
cannwin said…
Yes it is a bit odd. But art is always worth taking a second look at. This particular one is called "The Sick Child" and is part of the exhibit at the Lemon Street Gallery in your neck of the woods actually my dear. The gallery is in Cornwall and is considered one of the UK's leading contemporary art galleries.


I don't know if I'm so into contemporary works but sometimes I find them utterly amazing (maybe this wasn't isn't AMAZING but it's interesting). If you would also note the nun in the picture, and seriously is that blood coming from the neck? Hmm.

I think I should find artwork (where possible) for all my blogs that would make things a little more diverse.

*wanders off in thought*

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