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Wuv, Twue Wuv.

I need a shoe box. Well really I need two shoe boxes. From now on I'm saving shoe boxes because this is just ridiculous. There are five of us in this house and not one shoe box.

I save silly things like piles and piles of their old school work--all stuffed into one drawer--but not one box that will satisfactorily make a valentines container.

Ralexwin comes up with this great idea, "Use the diaper boxes," he says.

A diaper box can hold up to 100 and some odd diapers.

Can you imagine my child walking into class tomorrow carrying that? Seems a bit hopeful don't you think? Like something straight out of Charlie Brown.

"Please!" I wail to my husband, "You need to help me with this. I've got to work all night tonight and I'm not going to be able to help them make anything. Will you?"

"Oh no!"

I give him my puppy dog eyes.

"Honey, if I have to help them make Valentine's boxes I'm going to make them decorate their lunch pales."

"You're a mean dad, did you know that? Didn't your parents ever do anything that embarrassed you?"


"Will you at least go to Wal-Mart tonight and help them buy Valentines? I think they're starting to recognize me down there."

He rolls his eyes, "It's a small town, they probably recognize everyone."

"Please just help me out here!"

"I'm sure we can make them some at home."

Ugh. Stubborn man.

Then Vibowin suggested that I use a can.

Genius girl! I've got one can half full of nuts. I can dump those out and...

...and then my poor child will end up with valentines that all smell like cashew's.

Plus that still leaves one kid without anything.

"Mom," she says an hour later, "can we please not make Valentines cards. I really want to buy some of those ones like I used last year. With the little puppies on them."

"You'll have to talk to your dad about that, I have to work tonight."

"But... but... I wanted to make my box with you!" She sobs.

"I'm sorry honey. I'll just have to make one for you while you're at school."


"Hey. It's that or dad says he'll make you decorate your lunch box."

That stops her short.

"Okay." She mumbles sullenly.

"I love you, baby."

"Love you, too, Mom."

It's times like this that I begin to wonder, who the heck came up with this stupid holiday!


Claire Wessel said…
I just left a message on whatever phone that is on the ward directory but I get the feeling that phone is with your husband sitting in a class room right now. Anyways, I have an awesome shoebox for you and if I actually take a look around, I bet I can find two or three. I also have an obsession with Valentine's Day so I have stuff along those lines that I'd be happy to bring over to you. Maybe I'll be rude and just show up. I've been wanting to intrude on you for quite some time now. I'm not real great at making friends but I sure do like having them :)
Chelsea said…
Thank you, Claire Wessel! Valentine's Day is a FUN holiday (for everyone).
cannwin said…
Ah, Claire thank you so much. That would be my husbands phone and he graciously mentioned your call at around 9 pm last night (while I was at work)... But thanks so much for the thought.

I ended up using the nut can for one and miraculously the girl childs class made valentines bags. ???

So the only effort I really had to make was at around 11 PM when I got off work I had to go down to Wal-Mart (no one recognizes you at that hour) and buy valentines since Ralexwin asked the kids if they wanted to make cards and they both said NO.

Ugh. So at midnight I was putting names on cards for kids I don't know.

Next year I will plan ahead and not leave this to the last minute.

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