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Can't Quite Reach.

I've got hairy legs and no motivation to do anything about it whatsoever. I should though because my belly is only getting bigger and my legs only further away.

In fact my belly has gotten big enough that the littlest munchkin discovered he could play peek-a-boo with me from below it.

So the fatness has started. The dropping a paper on the floor and staring longingly at it, contemplating it's value, has begun.

The sock wars, in which cannwin attempts to retain some modicum of sensuality while trying to pull on a pair of nylons that she can't quite reach, have been waged.

The plague of the beer belly protruding callously out from under my shirts. And the plumbers pants! My widening hips have nothing on my widening waistline.

But the worst of it all is the look my husband gives me as he pats my leg... my 1/2 an inch long hairs poking at him from every angle.

And here I am with nothing to do about it, but stand there in the shower with a rusty razor wondering if it's worth it.

Lack of flexibility is the reality of my life for the next 20 weeks, so I'd better just grit my teeth and get on with it. I know I'll cut myself at least once, but if I can get them nice and clean I've probably got a month before I'll have to deal with it again. Maybe I'll be able to stretch it to 6 weeks if I'm lucky.

Why hasn't the extended handle razor been invented yet?


Sara Crandall said…
I am right there with you! Tried to paint my toe nails--couldn't! Can't vacuum because I can't bend over to get the little papers/crumbs near the wall with my dust buster or vacuum hose! I was lucky to have most of my pregnancy in the winter where I could hide my hairy legs under long pants.
Jenn said…
Oh the memories....don't miss them one bit!!!

The long handled razor sounds lika great pitch for : AS SEEN ON TV!
cannwin said…
Sara, the trick is a broom. I learned that one working hotels my entire adult life, use the broom to get your corners. Now about how to get the junk up after you've swept it out... no clue, sorry.

Jenn, I should try to sell my idea, but I don't think I'd want to be one of the lot that got to test that product. Have you ever used those razors with the lotion around the entire thing... what are they called? It's like a razor buried in a bar of soap.

I used it once and tore my leg up so bad (cause I couldn't feel how close I was getting) that I tossed the thing that very day.
Cari Hislop said…
I think the hairy legs problem is a job for....Ralexwin! Unless he's so tired from reading Law books that he can't see straight...why not put the kids to bed (or in the hall) and get your husband to help you shave your legs? I think my Goblin shaved my lower legs once or twice...just because I kept butchering my legs...he was like, here...let me show you...he's a good Goblin! :)
cannwin said…
Cari, what a splendid idea! I get a kick out of the idea of your goblin showing you how to shave. I'm constantly explaining to ralexwin that I have to shave more area than he does and he avoids that! So he'd better not complain.

I think I'll suggest that to him, it's been a while since I had a good shave.

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