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Classic Cannwin Rant

I'm done. I am through, I'm moving to the South Pacific, where they don't have germs.--just bugs. Why? Why! Because South Dakota has become a private nightmare. Let's recap shall we:

- Baby gets pneumonia.

- Baby gets some other respiratory ailment.
- Albowin gets a staph infection.
- Cannwin contracts mo{u}rning sickness. (When did I contract baby?... I started feeling it around this time)

- Baby, Vicbowin, Albowin catch the stomach flu... And pass it back and forth for a month!
- Baby ends up in hospital from dehydration (caused by all the vomiting).

Blessed relief!

- Baby gets a nasty cold.
- Cannwin gets nasty cold.
- Dr. Begins to suspect Baby is asthmatic.
- Cannwin's cold turns into a sinus infection (with accompanying migraines).
- Albowin gets the flu.
- Vicbowin gets the flu.
- Baby gets the flu.

- Cannwin gets the flu on top of sinus infection.

In six months I have seen my pediatrician more than any OB/GYN I have ever had.

So I'm moving to Samoa, or Guam, or Hawaii.

I need someone to blame this on... I think it'll have to be Mariah this time. She has a lot of resp. issues and the baby never did until we met her. Yep, Mariah this is all your fault so I'm going to expect 5 tickets to Guam before July... 6 if after. You know where to send them.


Morg and Robbie said…
Hi this is in response to your august 2008 post
Just to set the record straight, I didn't only date cheerleaders, and if I did it was only because it took an aggressive cheerleader for me to even make a move. Since nobody commented on this post I thought it would be fitting for me to post something.
Chelsea said…
Do you know what you are having yet?
Cari Hislop said…
Ok Esperity...on the sick SO TOTALLY WIN!!!!!
Even if you don't want to be winning this now all have the flu?
That's awful!!!! It puts my sore throat and exema into perspective...I'll keep my life! :)
cannwin said…
Cari- No not all of us. If you note, not a one illness has befallen Ralexwin. That man has got the immune system of a god!

So absolutely not fair of him.

But other than him, yes... we all have the flu now and of course I'm taking the longest to get over it.

Robbie- You've peaked my curiosity... how did you come by my blog? I have to admit I had to go back to my august posts to see what I said about you. And even if you didn't date all cheerleaders you were on a much higher social rung than I ever achieved (until my senior year... the football players actually acknowledged me then, but I think that had more to do with the fact that my best friends brother was one of them).

On a side note, were you planning on attending your 10 year reunion? I can't, which makes me sad. *sigh*

And thanks for commenting. I love comments.
Morg and Robbie said…
I was messing around on the internet, and I came across my name on a blog site last night. In high school I mostly hung out with only a few guys (mostly Dan Birch, which if you did not know I am saddened to say Dan was killed in a car accident just a couple weeks ago) I have not talked to most of my friends since then but I mostly stayed low key and still do. I will not be making it to the reunion, though it would probably be fun to see everyone. What have you been up too? Where are you at these days?
cannwin said…
Well, see that sort of googling would never work for me... My maiden name is way to much of a generalization to pop up much more than my facebook account.

As for what I'm up to. I currently live in South Dakota where my husband is going to Law School. I've spent nearly the entire decade since high school in Phoenix and at the moment am really missing the winter's there. And South Dakota is so flat that I feel a certain degree of agoraphobia... I miss the mountains.

Technically I would be crashing your high school reunion, since I moved in with my brother in Utah my senior year, but I don't think anyone would notice. However I can't go to either reunion since I am due to have my fourth baby at the end of july... well, that and Law School students aren't known for their coffers of gold.

How about you? What are you up to lately?
Lisa said…
My heart breaks for you. Being sick with kids is so hard.
Morg and Robbie said…
Well I feel ya on the flat terrain, I currently live in Omaha Nebraska where my wife is in dental school. We have just a couple years left and then we will move back to the mountains. I am working on finishing up my degree that I neglected when I was playing college basketball. Everything is good, other than the economy but I am happy and alive, that's all that matters. Check into my blog and let me know how you are doing from time to time. I appreciate you writing me back.
Jackie said…
This sounds hellacious! Yuck!

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