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We have a pretty set morning routine around here. Well, as set as any of our routines get around here (I never know exactly when I'm going to get a chance to brush my teeth). Every morning we wake up around 7 AM and everyone gets ready to go to their various forms of education. This is a sad time of the day for the little one who is always so excited to have everyone around only to have them all leave in a rush. He's usually left in tears.

So he and I (me and him? we?) have a pretty typical schedule.

1. Depending on the day he either stays home with Ralexwin while I take the munchkins to school, or he comes with me.

2. He cries all the way home... until he see's a bicycle then he remembers that he knows that word and points out ever single one to me (which is a lot since we live in a small college town).

3. We have a little tussle over going to see the neighbors dogs.

4. He screams as I haul him into the house.

5. I mention movies.

6. Screaming stops. "Movie? Movie, movie, movie, movie," begins.

7. Munchkin boy gets his blanket, I get the bottle full of his choice of milk or juice, and we pick out his movie. Then he sits in his banana chair (he really thinks its his, you should see him react to his siblings sitting in it) and I turn on the show.

8. I go to do my blogging and other computer nonsense until my battery runs out.

9. Battery dies, movie ends, and it's either nap time or dishes time.

At this point our day's routine depends largely on my mood and all scheduling goes out the window (except naptime), but those first few hours are pretty set in stone. We deviate very little.


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