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The Bars That Hold Us

The baby figured out how to climb out of the crib finally. So we did what any sensible parent would do in such a situation, we took down the side rail. He hasn't slept very well since...
And the room has seen better days...
But the most priceless of all moments in this entire thing is his brothers reaction to it all. We get decidedly dark pleasure out of telling our 6 year old to go clean his room, only to wait patiently for the blood curdling scream. I know, I know what kind of parents find that amusing, but really he brings it on himself with the way he reacts to everything.

Anyhow, we've cleaned the room out to the bare necessities--which doesn't seem to be empty enough--and the munchkin man is still terrorizing his brother.

"Mom, he's pulled all the clothes out of the dresser!"

"Mom, he took my sheets off my bed."

It's great, it's priceless, and it's insanely frustrating. I keep reminding myself-- this too shall pass.

I'm right... aren't I?


Pearl said…
You're teaching him insight. :-) I'm sure he'll hold it against you!


Chelsea said…
I am sure it will, but you have many years especially since you have another baby on the way!
cannwin said…
If only my 6 year old could figure out that the more he reacts the more he gets teased... we're a little worried it won't ever click, but we're trying our best to help that along ;)

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