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Midnight Screams

After a rather early evening last night, Ralexwin and I crawled into our respective sides of the bed and prepared for a restful evening. Little did we know that we were in for a long night.

At approximately 1:15 AM the 6 year old boy child came barreling into the bedroom screaming bloody murder. It was a scream of such magnitude that it ripped us out of our sleep as surely as a man with an automatic weapon would have. And all I can really say as to how it made me feel was... Holy Spotted Bovines people I nearly had the baby!

I crawled through a muck of dreams and subconscious super natural battles to the reality that faced me and I'm pretty sure that I screamed as well. Ralexwin, however, in an incredible feat of parental instinct and supreme level headedness swept out of the bed and scooped the child into his arms. Where the poor thing sobbed uncontrollably for several minutes before we could get anything out of him.

It's still a little unclear as to how much was his imagination and how much was reality, but this is what we got: After we had all gone to sleep our munchkin man snuck out of his bed and went to use Ralexwin's computer to play games. The computer was in the family room which happens to have about 6 windows and a massive sliding glass door, at some point--probably moments before the screaming ensued--he swears up and down that he saw a person trying to get in through said door. This of course scared him into running to us.

Which you can imagine scared us into inspecting every inch of our property and house... checking on the other two kids and for Ralexwin staying up another 3 hours (as it was the three of us didn't really sleep at all after that). The little one stayed in bed with us and regaled me with ideas of monsters and ghosts lurking outside the walls of our safe-haven.

The baby in my belly stayed put but flipped and rolled and turned like it had been just as startled as the rest of us and Ralexwin--combat veteran that he is--informed me that that was quite possibly the scariest moment of his life.

I'm sure I've told you all about how common it is for this particular child to have night terrors. He frequently wakes screaming in his bed, but this was a new level of fright unsurpassed by any of the others.

I've lived in Phoenix with bars on my windows. I've had a bicycle stolen off my front doorstep, a motorcycle stolen from my parking lot, a gun stolen from my car and so many other things that I'd have to make a blog just for that. I have never felt so unsafe as last night... here in the smallest (quite possibly safest) place I've ever lived every sound became a lurker in the shadows, every movement a sudden palpitation of my heart. I think I'm going to get PTSD from this.

So I wrote a note to his teacher today explaining everything in case he had a bit of a rough day. As for myself and my husband we will be napping the rest of the day away and locking the doors at night. We are pretty sure that he heard a sound and got scared, then as he was coming towards us he heard another and his mind just ran with it, but better safe than sorry huh.

Woo... that kid makes life so interesting it's hard to imagine what we'd do without him.


Lisa said…
Whoa. I'm a little shakin myself after reading that.
Sebron said…
I thought you told me on the phone he said it was a guy with two heads trying to sneak in the house? Humerously last night the same thing happened to me, when J woke up screaming and came running into the room. I have had approximately 4 hours of sleep per night this week so when he came in, it took me a while to wake but he was rambling for several minutes about something. I finally found his mom on the couch asleep and we got him back to bed. I think life would be boring without our prodigy to keep up on our toes.

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