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Summer, Summer, Summer Time

One more week of school for the munchkins and then it's parenting 101 all over again. It's amazing how much you have to reinforce things once they come home.

"Yes, the sun is still up but you are 6 and bedtime is still 7PM."

"Yes, your friends can all have sleepovers, but you are 7 and your mom is paranoid."

"I know that the neighbor gets ice cream cones at every meal, but I want you to learn healthy eating habits so you can only have one a day, okay."

"The computer is not the only form of entertainment available to you this summer, please we have a half an acre... go outside!"

I'm sooo looking forward to it all.

Ralexwin has also dubbed this our 'Walden Pond Summer' which translates (to me) as we are dirt poor right now so buying anything remotely frivolous--this includes Pampers instead of Luvs--is out of the question.

I in turn have said, "Fine, Walden Pond Summer it is. So does that mean you'll be around everyday? If so I've got a list of things for us to do."

Don't get me wrong though, I'm completely excited to have everyone around. I'm excited to have this baby in July and finally find out if we need a boy name or girl name. I'm excited for the fire-flies that I've been waiting all year to see more of and I'm excited to get the strawberries, and raspberries and cucumbers and tomatoes and corn.

I have every intention of soaking in every ray of sunlight this pregnant body can take. I have every intention of consuming large quantities of literature as I bask outside on my newly acquired lounge chair. I have every intention of remembering this summer for the rest of my life.

Why? Because Summer time just rocks. Wouldn't you agree?


Jessica Bair said…
Yeah summer here is great as long as you are at the pool to keep cool or hang outside in the shade with a spray bottle. I hate the humidity here.
Polly Blevins said…
I like it better without the humidity. Actually, I don't really care for the summer anymore because if it. I do love the lightening bugs though. I thought you were due in Aug. Then again, I thought I was due in Aug. too. OOPS!
Jennifer said…
Aren't fireflies great? I look forward to them every summer. I never knew what I was missing as a kid.
cannwin said…
July 28th is my due date so almost august, but I'll probably go early since that seems to be the trend with me.

We'll see.
Sara Crandall said…
No I don't like summers here in AZ. Going to Utah to visit a friend to hopefully cool off! I get tired of my kids complaining how bored they are too.

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