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Bugs In The Shower

One of the worst places to spot a moving critter is when you are in the shower. I mean, what are you supposed to do? There's no shoes lying around to smash it with, no toilet paper for grabbing, it's just you and the bug... alone in the water.

Today I was bathing away when I looked up to see the biggest freakin' mosquito I've ever come across flying towards me. Now it wasn't a skeeter eater or anything, this was a real mosquito.

“Aaah!” I screamed to myself (since it would be pointless to scream to the kids in the next room). I contemplated the dinosaur toys on the tub floor but quickly decided against anything that would take my eyes off the thing. No one really wants a 'squito landing on them in the shower... especially that one.

It was pretty much pointless since mosquito's are like.... (forgive the nerd here) a Klingon Bird of Prey, I swear the buggers can cloak themselves. So one moment I'm staring at it and the next it's gone.

“Great.” I mumble, “way to ruin my shower.”

I grab the shower head (that conveniently comes off) and spray every inch of where I saw it last, but I couldn't relax after that. Every itch on my skin, every unexpected tingle became that stupid thing sucking my blood slowly from my body.

I don't mind mosquito's for the most part, but in the shower there's a certain level of vulnerability that one has to deal with. I guess at least it wasn't a spider. I knew a girl in high school who told me once she couldn't close her eyes while showering for fear she'd open them and see a spider.

Ralexwin thinks women must feel more at risk in the shower than men since we have that movie (where the woman gets stabbed while bathing... what's that one called?) to think about. I said I'd never seen it but thanks for putting the image in my head. If bugs weren't enough to worry about now I've got murderous madmen to cope with.


TerĂ©sa said…

No- that’s what movie it was - not that you are psycho. ; ) I hate hate hate to see spiders in the shower… ugh now I have to go take one while all this is in my head.
Jenn said…
I just had the whole hanging-spider-right-inside the shower door drama!
I DID scream...and the kids did come running from the the room next door. And bless lil' miss's heart...she saved him by carrying him off to the great outdoors. (it was a daddy long legs)
Spiders, or any other critter in the shower is reason the squeal!!
Jennifer said…
Do you remember when Mom found the scorpion in the shower?
Lisa said…
I hate all bugs. Especially in the shower. Spiders are the worst. I hate the way they move. One disappeared on me in the kids room today. I hate knowing it's in the house.
Sorry about your shower. Those times are precious to moms. Especially prego ones.

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