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John Hancock-Win?

Oh dear... someone tell me they had a daughter as precocious as mine... please. (This is verbatim, with only minor changes in spelling... it was slipped under my door the other night.)

Declaration of Independence

(with 7 alien rights)
I Vicbowin hereby declare:

*Freedom from brushing hair
*Freedom from cleaning rooms
*Freedom from baby bedtime
*Freedom to have sleepovers
*Freedom to have my own bathroom (and washcloths)
*Freedom to get pounds of allowance
*Freedom to not get yelled at.


Ivy said…
Wow! Where does she come from!? That girl is ahead of her time.
She clearly pays attention to what's going on around her.
Chelsea said…
I love that girl.
Jennifer said…
Pounds of allowance? (picturing overflowing bags of pennies being handed to her)

Too, too funny!
Claire Wessel said…
Yeah, I was that kid once. hahaha Did she read when she was two? I did and so did a few other of those precocious types that I've met along the way. I'm guessing she did!
Cari Hislop said…
This is quite a revealing a revealing set of Declarations! You should definately reply!!!

This would be my reply...

*Freedom from brushing hair (Accepted on the condition that you have your hair cut and maintained at no longer than three inches in length)
*Freedom from cleaning rooms (Accepted on the condition you choose ten toys/books (rest given to charity shop) and have nothing in your room other than clothes, bed and bedding.)
*Freedom from baby bedtime (Will be considered weekly depending on behaviour during the day. May recieve anywhere between 15 and 30 minutes of extra time)
*Freedom to have sleepovers (Freedom Denied)
*Freedom to have my own bathroom (and washcloths)(Freedom mostly unafordable - get good grades, grow up and get a good job and you can pay for this freedom yourself! Note:would get child some pretty wash cloths for Christmas)
*Freedom to get pounds of allowance
(Freedom Denied - do chores for set allowance or get a job)
*Freedom to not get yelled at.
(Freedom negotiable...)
Polly Blevins said…
She is so funny! I love her to death.
cannwin said…
Claire, she started reading at 4... and is already at a 5th grade reading level so she picks up all sorts of stuff. She joins us for scripture study at night and we are riddled with 'what's that mean?'

So we finally encouraged her to use a pen and mark all the words she doesn't know, then we talk about them or look them up

It's lovely trying to explain words like lasciviousness or coming up with what insomuch means... often we're just as flummoxed as she is.

it's fun.

Cari-lovely idea about the wash cloth.

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