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What's For Dinner?

I'm pretty sure I fed my family part of my fingernail last night.

For obvious reasons I didn't mention this to them at the time.

It could have been worse of course... See I was using my favorite knife to cut some onions for dinner (I'm a big onion person). The reason I like this particular knife is because it's sharp and has thus far stayed that way. So there I am alone for a few minutes no kids hanging on apron strings or tossing cooking utensils out windows, and you know what I discovered?

I can't cut veggies without distraction.

Chop, chop, chop, gasp.

I quickly inspected my thumb for blood and thankfully found none (I've done this before... With a turkey and a pointer finger, that was probably 13 years ago and I still can't feel the tip of it) It wasn't until the onions were in the pot cooking away that I noticed the knick in my nail.

What do you do when you realize there are small, likely unnoticed, body parts in your soup? I don't work in a restaurant so I don't really need to worry about OSHA or the FDA. So I shrugged and moved on to the spices.

No one noticed. I guess that means I'm in the clear, just as long as you guys don't mention anything to Ralexwin or the kids. *wink*


Lisa said…
Ha ha... I'm telling.

Just Kidding.
Claire Wessel said…
Yeah, I'm totally not saying anything. Your husband probably thinks I'm weird enough without me telling him he probably ingested part of your fingernail at dinner the other night. As for the kids, since their kids I think it is safe to assume that they have eaten grosser stuff at some point anyways.
Jennifer said…
Mom always used to say that what Dad didn't know, he couldn't taste. :D

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