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Story Tellers Part 1

This summer I came up with this idea, call it a memory preservation/ attempt to keep them kids occupied activity. For years the munchkins have been hearing stories at bedtime about a brave prince and princess who go about fighting dragons and monsters and protecting their family and kingdom.

As you can guess these royal children have names similar to those of my Vicbowin's, my Albowin's and my Iyawin's and the kids find great pleasure in hearing each gripping adventure. So I thought it might be worthwhile to write some of these stories down... Or make them up with the kids.

In walks my great idea.

Okay, so an interruption for some background on me might be useful here.

I'm, as my husband lovingly calls it, a collector of half used journals. This is a slightly inaccurate description of me... I'm really just enamored with blank pieces of paper. I have a problem with resisting the call of possibility that one small white sheet can have. It's like the blank canvas to Monet or the block of marble to Michaelangelo, it's purely irresistible.

Now imagine me in a book store/ museum/ or any trinket shop where journals, notebooks, and stationary are sold. I'm a goner! I rationalize these purchases by saying I will use them for journals... hence I have a lot of half used journals.

I have journals for everything. There's the 'books I've read' journal, the 'family home evening' journal, the 'have the missionaries sign this when they come to eat' journal, and the 'personal' journal (which takes me about 5 years to fill).

You're now wondering what on Earth this has to do with stories told to children (or you're very smart and have already made some connections). Well, I bought a journal in Scotland. It's cover is a print of a Degas painting I had the privilege of seeing and I had all this foreign currency I barely understood the value of. What better excuse does one need?

The problem was, I had recently replenished my supply of personal journals, which left this particular piece of parchment potential laying unused on my bookshelf.

Fast forward to the now and the kids getting out of school for the summer. I wanted... needed... something to fall back on when they were driving me insane. I looked at my bookshelf in my hopes of inspiration (I'm completely devoted to the written word can you tell) and thought something like 'wouldn't it be fun to have an entire book of Princess Vicbowin stories that the kids have illustrated.'

*light bulb clicks on above Cannwin's head*

My great idea was born. A way to preserve memories and sanity all at once. And I didn't even have to talk Ralexwin into letting me buy another notebook!

Fast forward a little more and we've been working on and off on these stories all summer and are really enjoying ourselves. Well, okay, there's been a lot of screaming about what happens next and who gets to draw the picture, mixed in with me hollaring "Enough!" and storming out of the room, but we've enjoyed ALMOST every minute of it.

And of course I want to share some of the more humorous parts of this experience with you all, but that will have to wait for Part 2, so as not to overwhelm your delicate eyes with prolonged exposure to computer screens. I, therefore, hope to see you all back here tomorrow for more on the adventures of preserving the Win Family History.


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