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Story Tellers Part 2

Okay part 2... The tales of Princess Vicbowin and Prince Albowin.

These kids crack me up, she is all about being rescued and he is all about the battle. Forget, saving his sister, what about the vicious dragons where are they?

Then you add in the artwork and what you get is priceless. Let's take a peak shall we.

In this story the Princess has been captured and is being held in a dungeon while the monsters prepare a feast of 'People Stew.' Which our girl is to be the main ingredient.

Note: The Ianites are a race of small mischievous creatures whose King in the one and only Iyawin (hey who better than the mischief maker himself). They are also allied with our royal family.

Here's an excerpt:

The deepest darkest dungeon had a whole bunch of spiders. They (the monsters) were beginning the stew and Princess Vicbowin could smell it. It smelled like fire and ashes and so strong was the smell that the princess fainted.

Sir Albowin and the Ianites found the cave. It's entrance was protected by two very strong guards with heavy armor on. Sir Albowin and the Ianites prepared to attack.

And here is the artwork (this particular piece was done by her):

Later in the story (this is their favorite part)

The Medusa put her finger to her lips to quiet the Princess' fright. She said "I'm here to help."... Behind the Medusa Princess Vicbowin could see a Hydra slip into the party and gobble up all the people stew. The monsters that had waited so patiently for their dinner stared in horror, some even fainted.

Just then Sir Albowin and King Iyawin burst into the room. They took one look around, saw the Hydra eating the stew and the Medusa unlocking the cage and shrugged. Any help was better than no help.

Artwork for this page brought to you by Albowin.... Let me interpret-- when I say Medusa I meant Hydra in the photo:

So as you can see our family is full of wild imaginations, it's not just me. I suppose it could be argued that I unleashed their desire to create with my own behavior, but really 'chicken and the egg' here people. Which came first, genetics or environment?


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