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The Wheels on the Bus

This year we decided it was time to subject our Irish Twins to the "experience" of riding the school bus. Ralexwin promises that this will help them build character, and ensure they aren't socially backwards (or something of that sort). I'm having flashbacks and acute signs of PTSD from my own character building "experiences."

But with the new one at home and the 2 year-old demanding extra mommy time (to make up for the baby invasion) I thought it would work out better for everyone. So in the morning we send them off with the neighborhood group and every after noon I wait at the end of my driveway for their return.

Now, I must say that my children are quite dramatic (it doesn't come from me I assure you *wink*) so when they walk dejectedly up to the house at the end of the day I assume they are just over doing their excitement to see me.

It turns out... maybe not.

So here's the story. 6 year old son kisses 7 year old sister on bus. 5th grade boys see th…

Here She Is.

This was taken at the hospital. She's a real beauty... I know. :)

We got our billing info from the hospital with the breakdown of what we owed and what the insurance owed. I must say she was a costly little thing. What with the complications I had and that nice little blood transfusion our little Remewin cost $20,000. WOWCH (that's my new word).

She was 7 lbs 1 oz at birth and at her 1 month appointment the little tyke weighed in at 10 lbs 3 oz... if she keeps this up she'll be quite the chunkster. Hehehe

I Have Returned!

So the baby and I are doing wonderfully (minus some very sleepless nights and a lot of spit up).

I am also pleased to announce that we have the internet hooked up in our home once more. WOO HOO! No more once a week blogs, it's back to the five days. I'm so excited I can't even wait.

As of yet all my pics of the baby are still on the camera so you will all have to wait.

For those wondering and dying to know what Remewin's name really is.... it's Rebecca Meav (the e in Meav has an accent but I don't know how to add that on the computer).

Love you all and thanks for all the emails and phone calls wondering why I hadn't blogged. It makes me feel special. :)

Tough Man Points

I'm sure if you live within the United States (or anywhere else in the world where there is a male population in evidence) that you've heard the saying (or some variation of it),

“Pain is fear leaving the body.”

As a woman this saying sends one thought through my head every single time I hear it. Puhhleeease!

Pain? Really I have a thing or two to say about this.

Us women must unite against such fallacies of masculinity. I need to make it clear from the outset to all the women I know that I understand your plight. I understand your desire to show your man just exactly how tough you are. I get it. I get the pressure to 'tough it out' that these testosterone charged creatures place upon us, the “weaker sex.”

But let me make this very plain to all the women who read this (and the men for that matter).


Anyone, anyone! Can feel pain. In fact you can't get out of feeling pain. You endure pain just like you endure any other bump in the r…

Mosquito's part 36549

So I've been doing a little 'experiment.' I'm not scientist and this is a very limited field to test from but the results are fascinating. I was told recently by someone at church that mosquito's are attracted to 'O' blooded people.

I'm 'O' blooded, and we all know that they LOVE me. So I started asking around. Every time someone chimed in about how mosquito's seemed to pick them out of a crowd I'd ask them what blood type they were. Out of the five people polled, five of them were 'O' blood type.

Interesting? I think so...

I also learned recently (from the extra's on the movie Jumanji) that:

1)Mosquito's are considered the most deadly creatures on the earth (because they cause the most death and disease)
2)The little devils single people out of a crowd. They actually choose a victim from a group and all attack that one person. Well, that would be me.

So here's the trick. You need to find a friend with 'O' blood. P…

Toothbrushes and Children

I find it more than a little discomforting to put my toothbrush in my mouth and discover that it is already wet. It's one those moments in life when a thousand questions race through your mind at the same time you're considering whether you really want the answers.

“Why is this wet?”

“Who was in the bathroom last?”

“What could it have been used for?”

“Do I detect a hint of Oil of Olay?”

“Was it the baby? (Please not the baby)”

This question opens an entire new dimension to the questions racing through the mind.

“What could the baby have been doing with the toothbrush?”

“Is it possible he was only brushing his teeth?”

“Is it possible he stuck it down the drain?”

“Is it possible he stuck it in the.... no, no I won't think that.”

The only thing you can do is brush faster. I mean you wake up that morning with what I lovingly refer to as 'heartburn mouth' and you're desperate to get the taste out. So you brush for all your worth promising yourself you'll buy a…