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24 Hour Cannwin Strikes Again

9:37 AM being a mom to an infant slows life down drastically. Before July 22 my kids and I had routine that required us to be up and moving by 8 AM. It's now nearly ten o'clock and the only thing I have to show for it is that I'm dressed. My teeth aren't brushed, my hair isn't combed, and I'm still in bed--or rather, I'm back in bed...feeding bambina. All efforts at being productive have been stalled until further notice.

11:17 AM has it really been that long? Why do children insist on trying every facet of my patience? It's amazing the things that can be employed to drive me insane... batteries, glass cups, faucets, strollers, or books. And if I can't be as attentive as usual they use these "tools" to torment my very being. In one hour I have dealt with flying books, screaming boys, tattling girls, and broken video game consoles. I've scolded kids for eating batteries, playing in bathroom sinks, cutting up curtains, and retaliating against a child five years their junior...all while trying to calm, nurse or diaper a baby who has been crying for four hours. I need a vacation... Or at least five minutes to brush my teeth and wash my face.

11:40 AM Three of my favorite words "Everyone outside now!" Four of my least favorite words, "But Mom I'm hungry."

1:15 PM Two gone, two asleep. Wow, I feel free. Unchained! Removed from the shackles that bind me. Blissful moments of silent contemplation and introspection are to follow.

1:20 PM *sigh* The baby just woke up.

4:15 PM I'm on my third try at this entry... Third try in thirty minutes. First I was interrupted by my littlest one wanting to eat (again), then it was the mischief maker and his 2 year old eyes begging me to read a book, then it was the Remewin clarifying that although she had dozed off it in no way meant she was done eating. I'm glad it's a Friday because I don't think I could endure another weekday and I think that if we ever move again I'm going for a smaller house, 3,000 sq/ft is definitely too much for me.

4:28 PM I think children are enough to drive me to binge eating.

4:42 PM Ralexwin is home! Hallelujah!

Sometime after seven but before nine: The mischief maker came crawling out of his room, down the hall and into the family room all with his head ducked towards the floor as if I wouldn't see him if he didn't see me. Kids are a real hoot.

9:43 PM After getting the distinct privilege of waiting up for our daughter (who was at the fair) I am now laying in bed wondering if I should risk closing my eyes or if I should wait and see if the babies grunts turn into cries.

1:15 AM up with a hungry baby...*yawn*

4:31AM The thing with babies (or at least this one) is that they take time to come fully awake. So in the middle of the night you might spend 30 minutes listening to them moving around and grunting before you pick them up. Try to feed them to early and you're likely to have them fall asleep on you. Wait to long and their liable to start screaming. Waiting for the right moment is truly an art.

Hmm, I think I'm hungry too.

5:21 AM Ralexwin just took the baby and told me to go back to sleep. What a nice guy.

9:29 AM Erma Bombeck wrote a column once describing how she was hiding in the car from her family whom she couldn't take another minute of and how they (by the end of the piece) had all found her. When you read it you're left with an image of a bunch of teens (and their dad) with their faces pressed up against the windows of the car. I often feel that same clausterphobia when my children throw themselves against my bedroom door or open the shower curtain or stare at me as I'm getting dressed. Yesterday was one of those days... But its 9AM twenty four hours later, Ralexwin is home and I have hopes of leaving the house for an hour or two. Today is definitely looking brighter.


IB said…
Jesus. That sounds like HELL! But you must love kids to have so many of them. When our son was a baby, and after a particularly trying time of getting him to bed, I once told my wife the only time I liked him was when he was asleep. Now, he's 16 and I prefer him when he's awake, which isn't much of the time.
cannwin said…
lol, I would like to have one that slept a little more... but she's getting there.

My sisters tease me that I have a cycle, I cry and cry when I'm trying to get pregnant and panic that I'm not going to be able to. Then I get pregnant and spend nine months complaining about the state and how I'm never doing this again. Then I have the baby and say, "Oh, I want another one."

They say its hillarious to watch and they can time me.

Except perhaps after this one, who really did a number on me.
Lisa said…
Ha Ha Ha. That sounds about right. Love it. Mama's have the hardest job. It's 24/7.

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