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Are You A Princess?

Iyawin has a little quirk that I have to tell you... drives his dad nuts.

He constantly wants to be a princess. He loves princesses. He loves dresses. If Vicbowin leaves the door to her room open he'll raid her dirty clothes. If one of the women in the house wears a dress (me, MU, Vicbowin, or Remewin) he gets excited and asks, "You a princess?"

So yesterday Ralexwin did his studying at the house, to help me while I've been plum useless with this back, and he got to see the antics of his 2 year old full throttle.

"Me a princess!" Iyawin shouted as he bounced into the living room in his sisters pink skirt.

Ralexwin gave me a flat look. A look that said, what are you doing to my son when I'm not here?

I shrugged.

Later that day it got even better. MU had come upstairs from her little kid free utopia and was playing with Iyawin.

The sounds of their voices could be heard down the hall.

"Me a princess!" Iyawin exclaimed.

"No, a prince." MU says.

"No, a princess!" He corrects.

"A prince. Boys are prince's."

"No a princess!"

"Iyawin are you a boy or a girl?" She asks, expecting the obvious answer.

"Umm... A girl!"

Ralexwin looks at me again. That flat look.

"Hey, I've never told him he was a girl." I defend.

"I'm going to buy every episode of G.I. Joe there is. No more Barbie movies, I'm hiding them." He grumbles.

I shrug.

This morning I got up... Iyawin was watching TV. He was sitting in the banana chair in his sister's purple velvet dress Barbie Nutcracker bright upon the screen.

Ralexwin gave me that flat look again.

I haven't seen my husband in a bit... I wonder if he went down to Wal-Mart.


Sara said…
Too funny! Get him some dress up army or even prince clothes and teach him he needs to protect the princesses, so the dragons won't eat them. Maybe that will work?
Wes and Lindsay said…
HAHAHAHA! That is so funny! Allie the other day asked if Wes was a princess. I think I got the same look from Wes.
Claire Wessel said…
If it makes anyone feel better, children don't truly grasp the concept of gender until they are 4 years old. Until then, they might memorize that they are a boy or a girl, but it is unlikely that they actually know there's supposed to be a real difference :) So say the textbooks :)

In other news, it seems all the little boys in this branch who are under 4 and can talk seem to either favor the color pink or love the princesses...
Polly Blevins said…
Cole insists he is a princess too.
Lisa said…
If you check your phone, you will notice that it called me today. But you were not on the phone. The same child who this post is about was on the other end.

Very funny.

And tell your hubby that every little boy who comes to this house goes straight for Hannah's dress up box and puts on the heels, hats, and necklaces. They do this repeated each time they come over.
cannwin said…
Lisa, that is hilarious. I hate that about my phone though. It has the worst locking mechanism, either I can have it lock with a code (and a small button on the screen that says 'emergency call') or I can risk having it unlocked and the kids calling someone on the list. I'm gonna opt for the friends instead of the fire dept.

As it stands your last name happens to be on the top of the list. :) I'm amazed it doesn't happen more often.

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