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Up For Interpretation

The Mischievite is at that beautiful stage where you can't quite understand what he's saying. Here's some of his cute words.

"Powa u gay-skull!"

(By the power of Gray-Skull)

"I go sa cool too?"

(I go to school too?)

"Baby tying."

(Baby crying)

"Me vawy tareful."

(Me very careful)

Some of the understandable things he says that are just as adorable:

"I swat your bum!"

"Mom, those Becca's bottles?" (pointing at me)

"Dear Heavenly Father. Amen."

"I watch a movie on you 'puter?" (computer)

"Go-o-o Joe!"

"Me a princess!" Or his newest one- "Me a kingdom!"

"Uh! No fair."

"Horsie time!" (This is exclaimed just before he throws himself onto your unsuspecting back or leg).

It is fun to hear. Albowin had a motor speech delay and at the age of 3 was barely starting to speak (he was behind by a year or more) so we never really had this stage of speech discovery. With Albowin everyday was a constant lesson in how to say things. When he said one he said "Uh." and we said "One... One... One." When he said two it came out "Do." And we said "Two, baby, two." I remember the first time Albowin uttered "I uv you mommy."

We never had the opportunity to enjoy his words because we struggled so much to get him to use them. So it is fun to hear my Iyawin discovering them for himself.


Claire Wessel said…
I really understand this one! My girls both have/had severely delayed speech, but my son is already into sentences at 18 months. It's a weird experience to have someone so small speaking to me! Also, very amazing. I'm glad you have been able to enjoy the same feelings with Iyawin :)
Kaz said…
Oh speech - Jaxon still has problems and is in "speech" twice a week at school and once a week we take him to "the scottish wright house" (is an individual speech theropy place that is funded by the monks up in the mountains:) they say he is making great progress and by 4th grade should be caught up. I am glad you are able to enjoy your baby boys developing speech it really is such a cute thing. Kadrey was so cute when she started talking and she sounded like the chipmunk Theodore :)
cannwin said…
there are monks up in the mountains?
Anonymous said…
funny huh?! They are near huntsville somewhere - apparently you can go visit and watch them meditate! But really how much meditating can get done with people staring?
cannwin said…
That's nuts. I mean you get this idea that monks live in remote European climes, not Utah... heart of the LDS Church. I'm going to have to wrap my brain around this one a little.
Claire Wessel said…
We had monks in the mountains in CA too (Catholic ones) :) Heck, we even had Hindu monks in the mountains in Orange county and Buddhist monks on a mountain in La Habra. What's with monks and mountains? Perhaps the ones in Utah do a lot of funding for the Scottish Rite clinic? Here in SD we also have a Scottish Rite speech clinic, but the "scottish rite" part refers to the Masons who established them.
Claire Wessel said…
hah! Monks on the mountain!

That's a lot of prayin'!! Honestly, I probably pray 7 times a day, but not at a designated time. More those short prayers of desperation :) Anyways, check out "A Monk's Day".
cannwin said…
They wake at 3:15 AM and don't go back to sleep! Then they stay awake till 8PM. Holy cow. Definitely not the life for me.

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