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50 Words

A year ago a friend of mine suggested I try writing a story in 50 words. It was a lot of fun to do.

The other day another friend of mine told me she had to write a short story for her creative writing class. I was intrigued, she was overwhelmed.

"That's so easy!" I exclaimed.

"It has to be 500 words long." She moaned.

"Oh, that would be difficult... I don't think I could keep it that short."

She didn't find that humorous, "The professor expects us to have a realistic plot line! In 500 words... that's impossible."

I chuckled and recalled my 50 word story. So I showed her. "See, if I can do it in 50 words you can do it in 500."

I don't know what she wrote or what grade she got on the assignment, but it got my creative juices a flowing and I decided I wanted to do another 50 word story.

So here goes:

Dust and cobwebs covered the attic. Adelaide sneezed before pulling away the ragged tarp and dropping to her knee's to caress the aged wood. The shadow of child danced across the rocking horse, the sound of soldiers and gun-fire below. The years of searching were over and Adelaide finally wept.

Hmm, what do you think?


Cari Hislop said…
LOVE your new 50 word story! And how smart of you to share your adventure in writing a 50 word story. You'll have to follow through and ask her how she did. I love 50 word stories...distilling a story down to it's essence. Your story has a lovely punch at the end. It's perfect! A gold star for you!!!! :)

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