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Spring Break Day 5 (The End Is NEAR!)

Post SubTitle: Crafting and Men

I've finally started making curtains for the front room of our house--a year and a half later. I do have a good excuse though... curtains are pricey! and we have six (yes, 6) windows in our living room.

So Wal-Mart has some extra long sheet sets on clearance for $5. Total score in the way of white fabric. I bought some for the purpose of making curtains.

One curtain down... five to go. I'm sure my house looks weird from the outside right now.

You see, I've run into a little problem.

I need strips of wood for the tops and bottoms of the curtain (to secure it to the window) I've got the wood, but have you ever tried to saw BY HAND twelve strips of  3/4in. x 19 1/2in. wood strips? It's not fun.

I asked Ralexwin if he'd go get them cut for me, but he gracefully avoided the question by saying something along the lines of "Is dinner ready!?"

He wants me to do it myself. I understand that. He doesn't want to go down to the lumber yard and order a bunch of silly strips of wood for his wife's curtain project. Neither do I!


Well, because lumber yards are what can be simply described as a MAN-ZONE.

There isn't one lick of femininity in these places. No color beyond brown. No flowers. No nice smelling candles.

Places like this smell of sweat and wood, dirt and trucks.

Women don't walk into such places without instantly feeling a need for back-up. In fact... women don't walk into these sorts of places! We beg our husbands to go instead.

Except men don't want to go in asking about craft projects. You might as well put a leash on them and call them tame.

So how do you get around this!? How am I suppose to find strips of wood? I have three choices.

1. Suck it up and walk into the lumber yard with a wiley smile upon my face.

2. Buy my own saw.

3. Cut the wood strips by hand.

Option one is stomach turning. Option two is to pricey. Option three does offer the chance to burn some calories.

I guess my windows will have to look funny for little while longer because I can only saw so fast.


Ivy said…
You need a friend that will let you borrow a saw. I have one you could use. Just run on over. That run would let you burn many more calories than cutting wood by hand would.
cannwin said…
I'm trying to save money, Ivy. :)
Polly Blevins said…
Will use to work for a lumber yard and there were women who worked there with him. And no, they weren't amazon women.

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