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30 Blog Posting Ideas (Part 3 of 4)

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Ten tricks I use in blogging when I'm feel less than chipper:

1. Have a back up plan. Create ongoing themes to fall back on.
2. List funny things you hear during daily life. This is a very popular theme with various forms--overheardintheward, onesentence.
3. Create several posts on one 'happy' day. Save these as drafts for use later.
4. Use pictures!
5. Use a sentimental object as a prompt (the first book you ever read and still have that copy of or the scarf your grandma bequeathed you with her last dying breath).
6. Take time to skim the blogosphere before writing... it helps with kick-starting the creative juices.
7. Make lists of random things--'reasons why motherhood is good,' 'you know you've been married a long time when...,' 'top ten reasons why I hate cleaning the toilet,' '101 blogging tips and ideas.'
8. Do a product review.
9.Don't rant! I think people consider this creative blogging, but really no one cares and it actually just annoys people.
10. Use sarcasm to hide the depression. :)

Ten memories worth writing about:
1. The birth of your children.
2. Your wedding.
3. Earliest memory.
4. First friend.
5. First kiss.
6. Your first experience getting pulled over.
7. When you got glasses.
8. The first time you shaved.
9. Your first car.
10. The day you entered middle school/junior high.

Ten tips to making a better post:
1. Keep it short. 300-500 words is the best length for keeping your audience.
2. Use images. This draws the eye and breaks up all the words.
3. Make lists... This also draws the eye, the trick is to keep pulling the readers eyes downward.
4. Break the post up into small paragraphs and sentences.
5. Use large words or colored words or even large-colored words!
6. When you add a picture make sure you rename it to go with your post. This creates one more avenue in which a search engine can find you. If your picture is named 'fabric_corsage' instead of 'P1000093' you're going to get more hits from it.
7. Make your title more searchable as well (I'm bad at this).
8. Make your title enticing. :) So... instead of Pie, I could have titled it. 'Pie: Achieving Her Reading Goal'
9. I actually get a lot of hits for posts that I used a famous line in the title.... like Wuv, Twue Wuv or Holy Aching Quadriceps Batman
10. Use labels! But not to many make themes that you can list your posts under. Then add this to your sidebar so when people read one thing they can go back and read more if they like. Catch: If your labels cloud is to big people will lose interest.
* Extra tip: The key here is to get the most out of the moments you have with your reader. They won't stay long... even my most devoted followers usually stay less than two minutes... so you need to give them less to read with more quality in it!


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