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I wish I could give you a clip of what my houses typically sounds like.

It's something I've pretty much gotten used to, but every once in a while--like early in the morning when the world seems like it ought to be quiet--I notice the sounds more acutely.

Albowin will be making exploding sounds as he plays some imaginary game with the broken remains of Easter eggs.

The Mischievite will be nearby dancing and singing and harrassing Albowin until the 7 year old finally shouts "STOP IT!"

Then someone will start hitting and the screaming will start.

Feet will run down the hall or through the kitchen. One set will be the Mischievite's as he tries to stay out of reach of his brother. The other will be, well, the brother.

Soon the two will round the corner and find me waiting, annoyed. The tattling will start, one child spilling over the other trying to get all the words out before the other as if being first means you won't get in trouble.


Now I know what you're thinking, that's not to uncommon, not too loud. Well, that's just layer one.

Layer two will be Vicbowin:

Vicbowin will be sitting nearby watching chattering endlessly with me about the current book she's reading, or a cosmic question she has been dying to ask. (What would you rather die of being burned to death or drowning?--that's her most recent)

She'll see the entire incident involving her brothers and try to intervene. I'll scold her and tell her to stop 'mothering.'

Soon her feelings will be hurt by my scolding her and she'll start crying.

That's when her brothers will run down the hall.

As they are trying the tell on each other Vicbowin will be trying to tell me why I hurt her feelings. Her favorite tactic is 'the broken record'







Finally I'll snap at her and tell her to go in the other room. She'll run off sobbing and the boys will take one last swing at each other before I divvy out punishments.


Still not convinced? Lets move on to Layer Three.


Layer three is Remewin who up until this point has been sleeping peacefully, but the sounds of her brothers screaming as they ran past her room woke her. Now she will be standing, hold the rails and yammering, "Mamamama, bababababa" in that sweet, close to tears cry that babies use to get you to come to them.

As my voice goes up (to be heard over the three other children) Remewin will catch the sound. Recognizing that her mother is nearby she will start to cry in full force.


Now Vicbowin is breaking away from the fray and racing off with her own tears. She runs to her room, where the door flies open and slams against the wall. Remewin is startled and begins to cry from fear.

This annoys dramatic Vicbowin who screams at her sister to be quiet.

Remewin is confused and sad that her sister would use such a harsh tone with her. She cries harder.

Vicbowin realizes that she's yelled at her favorite person in the world and starts to cry louder.


Layer four is the inevitable knock on the door or ring of the phone.

Of course it's not ALWAYS like this. We have some great days where the sounds are all laughter and friendly chatter but the dynamic is the same. The boys racing in and out of rooms, Vicbowin chattering endlessly in her sweet voice, Remewin demanding my attention, the phone ringing.

I rarely listen to music anymore. I wonder why.


Polly said…
I would love to watch your boys interact with each other. It has been a LONG time since i have seen you. Way too long. I hate your new comment thing. Just so you know.
cannwin said…
You do? Why? I'm not sure how I feel about it yet either.
Jenn Claar said…
My house often sounded the same does get quieter....and some days I miss all THAT noise.
Serene said…
Say wha...? Sorry, I... I can't hear you!
Perhaps we should never talk on the phone. Between our 8 kids, we'd never get a word in edgewise! :D
Lphoto137 said…
Sometimes there is a 5th layer. Of background music, TV, or Computer games.
Meaghan said…
Remewin can talk now? At least somewhat? :)
Cannwin said…
somewhat.... it's jibber jabber but it's there! and it's cute
Polly Blevins said…
I hate having to type in my email address everytime. Thanks for fixing it!
Cannwin said…
Yeah, I logged out and then tried to make a comment and was seriously annoyed. I couldn't even see the entire form! Then I thought about using another service but in the end I just came back to this. Because I like the pop out screen.


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