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Surrender or Else You Die!

Yesterday at the dollar store I bought the Mischievite a 'light saber.' The blade was made of styrofoam and lit up when you pressed a button on the hilt.

He was extremely excited and for the rest of the shopping trip he kept shouting "Surrender or else you die!" On several occasions, while in Wal-Mart, he died himself. I'd turn around to find that he was no longer with me. Pushing aside a mild sense of terror I would back track five or six feet and find him lying in the middle of the aisle, light saber artfully thrust away from him, dead.

It was very cute. It was also the only thing worth smiling about yesterday. The kids were making me insane and I couldn't help but think that the Mischievite's ultimatum had two meanings.

"Surrender, or else you die!"

Yep, that's how I was feeling. My options with the children were almost exactly that.

I could:

a) rip all my hair out.
b) throw myself into the Missouri River.
c) yell some more.
d) call a friend.

Since my throat was sore and the Missouri River would have required me to wrangle the kids into the car, I opted for option D.

"One hour, it's all I need." I begged her over the phone.

So she took the Irish Twins and I took the babies to run my errands. Life was good again.

* * *
I woke up this morning to the 'shing' of a light saber held at my throat and the wicked twinkle of a 3 year old boy standing beside my bed. Albowin and him have been dragging their swords around all morning as if they were knights unwilling to leave their defenses behind.

Vicbowin, however, is a supreme grouch. She wanders around grumbling and whining and refusing to do what I ask her. I want to lock her in a tower and throw away the key.

She is an emotional roller-coaster that I fear may be hormone related. I am going insane! My options, everyone's options, are to either surrender to her mood swings or die trying to fight back.

Albowin has chosen to go down screaming. The Mischievite has surrendered. And I... well, it hasn't been pretty around here.

Some moments are blissful, we get along, we laugh, we work together. Other moments are full of threats of bodily injury, yelling, headaches (for me) and rageful tears (from her).

I think how good it would be for the kids to get out of the house and then I imagine trying to get her to do what I tell her on a bike ride, or in a store... we haven't gone anywhere.

Yesterday she 'ran away' from my friends house. I'm not even sure my friend knew it. The boys said something to offend poor Vicbowin (something about her being selfish) so she left and walked across the street to the school playground which was where I found her upon my arrival.

I sound like it's all her fault that there is tension in the house. It's not. I'm just as bad. Sometimes Vicbowin and I mix together as well as oil and water.

No.... gas and fire. Her mood sends my mood spiraling, my mood sets her to digging in her heels. Usually Ralexwin is the tempering force between us but since he's not around right now it's taking all I am to keep a modicum of control over the onslaught of her emotions.

I'm not sure I know how to surrender to it.

And today she has a 'tea party' planned with some friends. Heaven help me that I survive the day.


Oui. Days upon days like this are so hard! Sometimes they all seem to blur together as you click over into survival mode to trudge through them.

Hang tight! You're doing so awesome!

And eat lots of chocolate!
cannwin said…
Oh, I'm planning to! Some girlfriends of mine and I are going to watch 'The Time Travelers Wife' tonight and I nearly broke into the snack food half an hour ago.
Jackie said…
So glad you have a friend to call and help out! Hang in there girl!

(I feel those same feelings ALL the time!)

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