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What the Kids Have Been Up To

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Conversation between Ralexwin and Albowin:

R: "Why did you wet your bed last night?"

A: "I didn't wet my bed!"

R: "Then why were the sheets wet?"

A: "Because my underwear was wet?"

R: "Why was your underwear wet?"

A: "I don't know!"

R: "I do.... You need to get up and go to the bathroom if you need to go."

A: "I don't want to!"

R: "Well Mom doesn't want to change your sheets every day either."

At the Vicbowin's school waiting for her play to begin:

Mischievite to another parent: "Hi"

Parent: "Hi"

Mischievite: "What your name?"

Parent: "Jane."

Mischievite: "Hmm. What your daughter name?"

Parent: "Samantha."

Mischievite: "What your son name?"

Parent (smiling): "Jake."

Mischievite: "What your daughter daddy's name?"

Parent: "Justin."

Mischievite: "Hmm."

Turns to the next parent he see's: "Hi."

Parent 2 (trying not to laugh): "Hi."

Mischievite: "What your name?" . . . .


Ralexwin: "What were you doing in the backyard earlier?"

Vicbowin: "I saw this Robin with a worm in it's mouth so I said, "You leave that poor worm alone!" Then the bird flew off."


Vicbowin: "Last night Remewin was squealing like a pink pig!"

Vicbowin: I fell and hit that bone that's in my bottom.

Me: Your tailbone?

Albowin (staring at his sobbing sister): Mom?... Do tails have bones?


Albowin: That's the third shopping cart we've had mom! That's thrice you've changed.

Albowin:  "You just broke my brain!"

The rest of us: "You mean-- read your mind?"

Albowin: "No, like I didn't know what I was thinking until you said that... then I knew it."

Us: "Like an epiphany?"

A: "Yeah! An ePHipany."


Elizabeth: Koala bears only live in China.


And the Mischievite's two new favorite things to say:

In his angry voice: "Me talking to Mooooooom!"

Also in his angry voice: "Stop i-i-i-it."

(I really wish I could catch this one on tape.... it is priceless. He lowers his voice a few octaves and then growls it out like a threat to a wild animal or something, it's very cute and we tend to tease him into doing it just to hear it)


Polly Blevins said…
I love your kids.
Claire Wessel said…
I like that you snuck one of Elizabeth in there! lol
Jackie said…
HAHA. Because my underwear was wet! Love it!
See Mom Smile said…
If kids did not keep us entertained, it would be a lot easier to get rid of them.
LOL, kids say the BEST things!! So funny!
Okay I am curious (you had commented on my blog once) to know if your names are all really how you posted them on your blog, or is it a clever way for people to not know everyone's real name? Just curious!
cannwin said…
They are all screen names. It actually started with Cannwin. I was trying to come up with a screen name for myself that wasn't something ridiculous like 'hot mama of 4.' So I fiddled with my own name and came up with Cannwin. I was very excited that I had been so creative. :)

Then my husband and I fiddled with his name (for the fun of it) and came up with his... after that the kids just seemed to fall into place.

The only one that I've had a hard time with is the Mischievite's. His is Iyawin... which is terribly hard to say, so I usually just go by the Mischievite.

I don't really call my kids by these names :) Although my daughter uses Vicbowin frequently in her own life.

Thanks for commenting! Hope you stick around.

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