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48 Things To Do With Your Spouse

Last night Ralexwin and I took some time to make a list of things to do together sans kids. We sat down and quickly brainstormed idea's, then went through and nixed the things that one or the other wasn't willing to do.

Here's our pre-nixing list. (Ralexwin is red, I'm black)

Note: We got into a bit of an 'argument' between 21-24.

1. Dancing
2. Learn a new recipe
3. Go for walks
4. Read a book
5. Watch a movie
6. Re purpose something (furniture-ish)
7. Weed the garden
8. Lie on a blanket under the stars
9. Candle-lit dinner
10. Write a letter to someone together
11. Play Starcraft
12. Take $10 each and buy a gift for each other in the same store without being caught.
13. Go out to dinner
14. Clean out a closet
15. Make a time capsule
16. Make a quilt
17. Memorize scriptures
18. Make a photographic alphabet
19. Give each other back massages
20. Have a conversation only on paper
21. Read poetry
22. Learn book-binding
23. Learn Chinese
24. Clean out the bookshelves
25. Make cookies
26. Draw portraits of each other
27. Create a family mission statement
28. Make a family crest
29. Do genealogy
30. Play hide and seek
31. Play Nintendo
32. Buy and play scrabble
33. Finish our journal with memories
34. Make a surprise for the kids
35. Go out to lunch
36. Make a declaration of love
37. Read a Louis L'Amour book
38. Go away overnight.
39. Go to the park and play on the playground
40. Do a scavenger hunt (double date style)
41. Go window shopping
42. Do Geo caching
43. Sit by the fire and drink hot cocoa
44. Build a fort out of blankets
45. Go garage sale-ing
46. Send a Thank-you card to someone
47. Be a secret gifter to someone
48. Go on a double date

So Ralexwin rolled his eyes at #'s 26, 32 and 36 and cringed at #16. I rolled my eyes at #'s 11 and 37 and cringed at 17 (only because it hurts my brain... okay!). For the most part, however, we agreed that the list sounded fun. We did nix the declaration of love and the portraits of each other, as well as anything remotely chore-like. We kept scripture memorization because, really, who crosses that off a list?

Oh, and we're not going to attempt book binding or Chinese.


frenchieliza said…
Great ideas! My husband and I are always looking for new and different things to do together!
Cari Hislop said…
You have a husband who wants to go dancing and read poetry (you lucky wench) and you want to clean out a closet? Girl; you gotta get your romantic priorities right. Cleaning a closet? Your love language MUST be Acts of Service (but that's another story).

Closets aside, I liked your idea of lying on a blanket and staring at the stars. While looking at the could surprise your husband with some poetry by torchlight and a flask of hot chocolate and cookies...get three in one! ;)
Cannwin said…
Cari my dear, that sounds like a lovely idea!
Claire Wessel said…
I love this list! I think I'll try to get Lee to make one with me this weekend and post it on my blog :) Yes, that would make me a copycat. I'm okay with it.
What a great idea to brainstorm a list for things to do together :o) Wow! I was pretty impressed that you even considered learning Chinese! haha

You both really had a lot of fun ideas! :o)

Blessings & Aloha!
thank you so much for stopping by!
Jenny said…
Cute post! Loved the "eye rolling"!

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