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Monday Meanderings

I only have a few minutes before visitor start showing up at my door. Do you think I can write a worthwhile blog post in ten minutes or less?

We shall see.

I've started trying to decorate my doors and I've run into a slight problem.... I can't decorate. I know you don't believe me but it's true. I can create, but I can't decorate quickly, it takes me time--lots of time. Sometimes years!

So I have moved things around a little bit on my walls and created a few more odds and ends. I made one of these wreaths (one a large scale). And  I took an old window that I etched and hung it over the empty space of my third door.

Ralexwin thinks it all looks weird and wonders why I can't just hang things straight, but Ralexwin has an engineers mind and thinks about everything logically.

::pause to feed baby more breakfast bar--5 minutes::

Everything in Ralexwin's mind is 90 degree angles. So it's better if I just decorate around him. :)

Also, in my life of recent I bought a pack of bottle nipples to make up for the quickly diminishing supply around the house... Remewin won't drink out of them.

::pause to tell Vicbowin who my best friend is--2 minutes::

It's such a waste of money when the baby decides not to even try! So now I will have to go back and get some different ones and find someone who needs bottle nipples around here.

She turns one this week. Did you know that? My little baby is going to have a number. It's all downhill from here.

And when it comes to aging, I will be thirty in two months. I'm still trying to process that. As you grow up, there are some ages that are important and seemingly life changing-- 8, 12, 16, 18, 21, 25 and 30... after that young minds only process things as old (until 65 then the old becomes retired!) I'm officially going to be past the age of companionable youth. No more will the 20 something ladies at church view me as an equal.

Well, in reality, when you have 2 children at 22 you lose that equality edge rather quickly, but that's not the point.

The point is I'm going to officially be an adult. Ralexwin promises that it's a rather painless transition so I'll cling to that.

Door bell!!!


Megan A said…
Yep,2 kids at 22 certainly changes things! LOL I should know! I'll be 23 next month & I *feel* old because of my kids. My oldest will be 4 in a week, yikes!!

I love your nicknames for your kids, btw!!
Amy said…
My baby would not take a pacifier, but that didn't stop me from trying. 7 different types of pacifiers that each come 2 to a pack = 14 pacifiers my baby will not use and money I can't get back.

I firmly believe that once you hit 3 kids it doesn't really matter how old you are, you are firmly in the "old" category at church. :-)
ZoĆ« said…

I found you through welovesnailmail (I'm strandedhero) and well, I'd love to send you snail mail if you want to e-mail me your address or, you can start by sending me if you want, my address is on my blog :) Let me know if you are interested.

Myya said…
I never could get my oldest to take a bottle & now my youngest isn't interested at all. She already likes to drink from a straw so that might be what comes after I stop nursing. With my middle one I managed to get her to take a bottle... I did have to try numerous ones though. The ones that ended up working for my was the MAM Ultivent. The bottom has a design that makes it feel more like they are nursing. Something to do with the sucking pressure??? Also, the nipple is a little flater then others so it doesn't feel so foriegn in their mouth. Good Luck I hope you find a winner! Here is a link to what the bottle looks like in case you want to give it a try.

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